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Minor/Independent/Collegiate League Baseball Logo/Uniform Changes


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The Virginia Beach Neptunes have officially unveiled their logos.




Does anyone else get the feeling that the script logo was designed by someone totally different that the person that designed the other marks?

I can see that. For one, check the highlighting...on the other two scripts there's also an extra thin white outline, and those highlights are thicker. (In addition to being set in what looks like Berthold City...PDW do these, anybody know?) On that script, the highlights are much thinner and flow better within the letterforms--which themselves are more refined.

So yeah, I wouldn't be surprised at all if two different people/groups/elements did different parts of this.

(Speaking of...that actual Neptune character could use a LOT of refinement...that's way too much detail for such a tiny space.)

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Ottawa's new Can-Am League franchise held a press conference today to announce the team's name and, in my mind, have committed a bit of a sports faux pas. The team will be known as the Ottawa Champions.


There's a reason that you don't see teams named the Champions, Winners, Scorers, Great Ones, etc. You aren't going to always be champions so you're just giving fuel to the fire of anyone looking to make fun of the team. Baseball in Ottawa has already become something of a joke. They really aren't making things easy on themselves.

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I attended my final game at Nashville's Greer Stadium on Saturday and noticed a few things that may hint at a possible Sounds rebrand for 2015.

First, the Sounds' Pro Shop was extremely bare, and the bulk of the items available were on discount. While this is not unusual this late in a Minor League season, they only had these two options available for fitted caps:
They were both originally priced at $25, but they were both on sale for $12. And based on how full/overflowing their few hat racks were with these caps, they were trying to get rid of their entire stock instead of moving them to their new ballpark.

Speaking of First Tennessee Park, they had three "try out" seats for the new park outside of their Pro Shop to show how some of them will be padded and such. They were all blue and had the current Sounds logo on the side, but the logos were printed on easily replaceable stickers.

Plus, all of the materials -- printed or otherwise -- I've seen for 2015 season tickets at FTP have utilized blue as the primary color. First Tennessee Bank uses red, white, and blue, but the Sounds also did for the first 20 years of their existence.

tl;dr - Don't be surprised if the Nashville Sounds throw it back a bit for the new stadium.

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  • officeglenn changed the title to Appalachian League 2021 Rebrands

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