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Minor/Independent/Collegiate League Baseball Logo/Uniform Changes


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Love the name. Hate the logos.

Minor league baseball has a lot of original and fun nicknames. Just seems like every logo feels the same.

- Excessive amount of strokes

- Beveled/shadowed fonts

- Mascot combined with letter makes alternate logo (usually seems forced)

Here's the hats


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Fair warning: I'm a Brandiose apologist.

I like this a lot. Great name for the area, appeals to kids, is very unique, and gives them a lot of options going forward. A brand is a living thing, and this can move and grow well I believe.

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Look at that fourth one and just process it for a bit. It's a duck. But it's an angry duck, so we have to make the duck snarl, so we better give it teeth. The snarling-toothed duck isn't extreme enough, so let's have some flames coming off of his head. It's not just a duck, though, it's a RubberDuck, so let's give him wings made out of tire treads. Did I say wings? Because I meant arms. Everyone knows that RubberDucks have arms, because how else could a duck have fists? You know, the fists for the fighting and the toughness and the extremeness to go with the teeth and the snarling and the head flames.

Even the people behind Poochie are yelling "Whoa, hey, pump the brakes!" about three steps into this identity. And I haven't even addressed shoving a duck bill into the taint of the "A" in logo #2.

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Isn't that a duck foot made into an A?

You're right. So it's a duck foot with a duck bill shoved into it. Quack quack quack, Mr. Ducksworth.

Great name. The logo is another in a long line of the Brandiose "universe" characters. Someday, Brandiose is going to put out a comic book.

Hey, whatever gets them out of the sports branding business.
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While, sure, many of Brandiose's products look the same, someone living in Akron who goes to the ballpark isn't going to not buy a hat "because this is in the same style of that El Paso team in the PCL."

For that reason, I tend to look at minor league identities in a vacuum and looking at it that way, this is IMO an awesome design and name.

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Canal Park is a great place to watch a baseball game. I've been to probably 15 games there. (Because it was one of the only things to do in Akron summers visiting my grandparents).

Rubber makes sense for Akron, but the ducks part is so dumb it's beyond reproach.

Twas probably best just to leave the Aeros name alone and rebrand with new colors and logos instead of reinventing yourself with this silliness.

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  • officeglenn changed the title to Appalachian League 2021 Rebrands

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