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What are your theoretical best uniform matchups?

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1 hour ago, Unocal said:

Only matched up twice (1998, 2007)

Just the November 11, 1998 Jaguars-Buccaneers game featured those exact uniform combos. The October 28, 2007 match-up saw the Buccaneers wear their white jerseys and white pants. I prefer the contrast provided by the pewter pants.

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Two schools with relatively rare color palettes producing a very colorful match-up. Also, this picture washes out North Dakota's green and Minnesota's maroon. In person, both colors are much more apparent.




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22 hours ago, DG_ThenNowForever said:

Greatest uniform matchup in the NFL:



While I disagree here… you made me think of another fun topic that I won’t post. 
What is truly the best home/away-away/home team matchups? 

There could be an amazing matchup on home/away but fails on away/home.




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On 7/21/2021 at 5:12 AM, BBTV said:

If all you can think of is America vs China while watching the Bills play the Chiefs in American football, you've got issues.

I meant color scheme wise.


You don't see red, white and blue and think of the Bills first, unless you're that big of a fan.

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