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Mandela Effect in Logos


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The best example I can think of is the Broncos’ brown horse.


In 1962, the Broncos changed their uniforms from their initial brown and gold to orange and blue.  They also added a logo to the helmet for the first time.




The dark logo didn't provide enough contrast against the orange helmet, so after a couple games the decals were replaced with white.




Now here's where we get to the Mandela Effect.


For years,  the official word was that the initial 1962 helmet logo was brown.   It appeared that way on throwback merchandise, and even people who ought to have known agreed; when a group of former Broncos players were asked, they confirmed the horse was brown.




And who was to disagree?  No known color photos existed.  Press accounts of the time didn't specifically mention the decal color.  So for years everybody thought it was brown,  except for one Denver Broncos fan who posted comments on the Uni Watch site that he was at one of those games as a kid and the horse was blue.


Even the team didn't know for sure, and so the logo was officially brown.  The team said so, and fan sites dutifully repeated it.



The new helmet was orange and included a bucking, "star-eyed" horse logo and white center stripe. The original helmet logo was brown in color, the only carryover from the 1960-'61 era uniforms. The brown logo showed poorly, however, lacking contrast against the orange helmet. The brown logo was used though at least the September 30th game (at NY Titans). By the October 14th game at Oakland, the helmets had been refitted with white logos.


That is, until 2016, when the first known color photographs surfaced.  






And then, finally, more than half a century after the dark logos had taken the field, the Broncos could finally come out and confirm the real color.  The collective memory had been proven wrong.


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Maybe kinda sorta a teeny little bit vaguely similar, nobody can decide if the wings on the Eagles white helmet had a black outline or not (though Gridiron Uniform Database has decided it did not.)   There's indisputable evidence that it did not have an outline for at least some of its time, but IMO there's definitely photos that make it look like there may have been an outline at least some of the time (including the one in this GUD blog post).




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having seen a number of Eagles games on TV, I know I would have been able to spot a black outline on the wings


Oh. Well. That’s compelling evidence right there.  :rolleyes:


Last time I looked at their site, I found a half-dozen problems with their Packers uni graphics. And that was without looking very hard. 

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On 5/11/2021 at 10:04 AM, BBTV said:


Maybe not a logo, but most people think the Phillies had maroon pinstripes through the 70s and 80s when in fact they were red up until around '87.


Here's some close-ups from a game-worn jersey where you can see a clear color difference between the maroon racing stripe and the red woven zig-zag pinstripe, and the maroon NOB and the pinstripes.  Gods how great those pinstripes are as compared to the pink printed ones they have now.





I hate that I found this out. The fact they had Maroon and Red going on at the same time is just stupid.

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11 minutes ago, infrared41 said:

Without doing a search, how many of us know which one is correct?





I only know this because the image looks poorly photoshopped.


MOD EDIT: Fixed the dead giveway.

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As a kid, the local Ford dealers sponsored the Buddy Ryan show, and I distinctly remember thinking how goofy that loopy thing on the F was, and a teacher correcting me when I tried to replicate it when writing something in cursive.

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