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Charlotte cougars


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They look nice, but in my opinion there's too much purple in the NBA already. And purple and gold says Lakers to me. How about replacing the purple with blue? Like a royal blue? I don't know...

I like the Cougar, though. I also like the way the script turns upward on the home jersey... kinda different. Nice work.

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I too was thinking about not using purple, but i read in an online article from charlotte that purple and gold were gonna be the colors they originally wanted for the hornets.  I am a fan of the royal blue myself and I am working on that for posting.
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Don't get me wrong, Nesi427. What follows is *not* criticism of your work on this concept (which I believe is quite good - I'd like to see something like your cougar for the Panthers). What follows is the coherent version of the incoherent rant I go into every time I realize that that blank blanking blankety blank blank blanker Shinn might actually keep the name Hornets (or will be too geedee cheap to buy the name Jazz):



And furthermore, Shinnbridge, those





But the Cougar concepts were quite good, I felt. And I don't mind purple and gold as colors--although I've heard that being the city's colors, they'd be more appropriate for New Orleans...but not*not*NOT the New Orleans Hornets! George Shinn, you blank blanking blank blanker of a {filter=on}



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