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parallaxish concepts - motion graphics, bugs, etc!


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Hi all (first thread!)


Just wanted to dump a few of the things I've been working on for a while now. I had an idea some time ago to create a whole suite of uniformly designed broadcast graphics -- bugs, interstitials, stat graphics, the whole lot. Here's a few things I've built out:



This is an older version of the suite, made around last year. It was made in Illustrator and After Effects, and it was definitely a good way for me to figure out a good workflow between the two programs and what would work best on screen and in play. Elements like the down indicator and the clock change color depending on which team has posession.




version without standings



version with standings


This one is one of the more interesting sports to make graphics for because it's very stat-heavy and because of the bases indicator. This one also changes color; the background of the bottom box and the bases indicator match the color of the batting team and the lit bases match the secondary color of that team (ignore that there's a Royals batter onscreen, I just wanted to see what it would look like in red :P)


That's all I have for now, let me know what you think!


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Wow, that's really good. The NFL score bug in particular looks incredibly realistic and the motion graphics feel really smooth. I'd love to see expanded parts of the package like stat sections and other parts of the system. On the MLB scorebug with the standings, however, it feels far too detailed to be able to understand what the numbers all mean at first glance. Regardless, this is an amazing look you've made!

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This is beautifully done. I love the fonts and proportions, and the chamfered corners are a nice touch.


The NFL graphic feels really smooth in the animation... Not a problem with the design, but just the way you presented it is a bit overwhelming. I would want that all that animation would actually happen long before the snap, and not all at once.


The standings version of the baseball graphic is way too detailed (I think that info could just pop up from time to time above like any other info) but the version without is excellent! Some suggestions: I'd go with the position abbreviation (1B/LF/SS, etc.) next to the batter's name. I'd also make the fielding team's vertical line tonal like you do with the defense on the NFL graphic. Finally, I'd ditch the white outline on the filled bases.


Overall, outstanding work! Definitely beats many of the scorebugs I've seen IRL. If you get the chance, I'd look forward to seeing more of the extra stuff (penalties, touchdowns, homeruns, etc) and how it looks for other teams/sports!

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This is the other side of what I'm working on, and what would be basic interstitials for each team. These have also been through a bunch of revisions, but I've started adding more texture and gloss into the logos and I think it looks great for now.

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On 6/4/2021 at 6:27 PM, PERRIN said:

On the MLB scorebug with the standings, however, it feels far too detailed to be able to understand what the numbers all mean at first glance. 

Echoing this. I think  it's nice to have but ultimately the top version is better. MAYBE you could put the record to the right of the text, but it's super clean without it. Really nice work all around, looking forward to more of these animated!


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Again, looks really good. The white background for the SOG stat numbers is a good call. Only thing I don't like is how tiny the 4-on-4 and power play indicators are. I think I'd rather see those indicator appear above the scorebug like "Shots on goal," but in team colors.




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