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Tampa Bay Sun Rays Primary Logo


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Over in the “Nike Unveils City Connect Uniforms” thread, I suggested that whenever Baltimore gets a crack at the “program”, they go with a Charm City uniform. Now, I’m not well versed in uniform creation, but I can do logos!


With that said, I give you... maybe, possibly, perhaps... Baltimore’s Charm City hat logo!

• The orange and black “C”s for “Charm City”


• There is Irish influence within Baltimore so I figured why not showcase that with a 4-leaf shamrock that ties it back together with the “charm”


Honestly, I’m really pleased with how it came out, but as always, I’m very open to C&C. Thank you!

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This looks great! The only difference I might suggest would be to make the black and orange even weights. Right now the orange kinda looks like striping instead of being 2 different C's.

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Once Tampa Bay unveiled their fauxback uniforms in 2014, it always made me think that the Rays should've centered their identity around Sun Rays and instead of Devil Rays




C&C appreciated as always 

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  • DNAsports changed the title to Tampa Bay Sun Rays Primary Logo

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