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Regional/Random Designs Found in the Wild


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I've wanted to start a thread like this for awhile, so let's do it.  I feel like I see logos and designs all the time out in the car or wandering stores, from local places to smaller companies.  If you see something interesting in your world, snap a picture and let's see what designs are out there.


Here's some to get things started:



There's a sign for "Mr. Landman" I see on the drive to the interstate pretty frequently.  His muscly corn arms always give me a giggle.




Saw this at a Menard's the other day.  Just thought it was an interesting design.




This is the logo for a local bar/brewery that is quite good, and is the only bar in the area that seems to try at having a signature design.



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Our favorite local Mexican chain's logo is pretty amazing.



And the local microbrewery scene has really good artwork.



(notice the Dodger Stadium scoreboard shape)



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Oh yeah?  How about Black Dog?  It's actually very impressive BBQ for the area.




Jarling's Custard Cup is another CU institution, now co-owned by Tom Hanks' brother, who I believe is a professor at the university.




Local massage/PT place's new logo I saw on Instagram.




Papa Del's is a deep dish place in the region that a lot of people like for some reason, but it is 90% bread, 10% sauce, 0% flavor.




This is a sign for Petey's Bungalow, which is near-ish my grandparents' place in Oak Lawn.  Pretty cool retro neon sign that's always stood out to me when I'm up in that area.



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More from LA's suburban South Bay:





And, the LA area also has this phenomenon of independent fast food Mexican places all featuring the same color scheme/font/caricature choice.








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I'm a sucker for a nice script-style wordmark, so here's a couple from the Twin Cities as well.


Lettermen Sports in Blaine and Plymouth. The shirts and hoodies with the logo on it are wildly popular.






And here's a coffee shop that has a couple of locations across the Twin Cities.  Five Watt Coffee



Their coffee is pretty decent as well.  The lightning bolt as a tail is just fantastic!


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On 7/3/2021 at 4:52 PM, DTConcepts said:

Not sure if it's 100% applicable to the rest of this thread, but Red Rocks unveiled a logo for their 80th anniversary not too long ago, and it looks sharp as hell.


I was just at Red Rocks a couple weeks ago and I remarked on how much I liked a lot of their branding.

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21 hours ago, DelayedPenalty said:

Here are a couple of my favorite local logos. Ugly Dog Distillery makes vodka, whiskey, gin and has a craft cocktail bar. Barn Sanctuary is a farm animal rescue that was the focus of the Animal Planet show Saved By The Barn.

spacer.png spacer.png


A big animal silhouette with a smaller animal silhouette inside it is one of my top designer pet peeves 😅 

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