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Tweaking the Leaked Revolution Logo


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Hey everyone! I posted this in the MLS Kits 2021 thread, but thought I'd post it here to get some more feedback (not sure if cross-posting like that is allowed). 

I didn't change the central elements at all, I changed the font of the roundel to better match the central 'R' and the marketing concepts found alongside the leaked badge. It's not a perfect match, as I couldn't find a similar-looking font to the one used by the designer, but it's close enough to what I was envisioning. Alongside changing the font, I also added red to the founding year to distinguish it from the name of the team and to get some better colour balance.  As well, I also changed the roundel (3rd row) to something that I felt was more interesting than just a simple white circle.


The 1st row would work best, IMO, on the kits & hats and other merchandise and in situations when the name and year is not needed. The 2nd row would work best on some merchandise and general advertising situations when the full name is needed, and that (or the 3rd row) would probably be considered the official badge.


**I should mention (consequences of posting late at night), the five images at the bottom are not mine. Those are the promotional concepts made by the designer of the leaked badge and which appeared on their website. I simply put that row there to highlight the differences between my tweaks and the original work. Sorry for any confusion, I just don't want to take credit for work that isn't mine.**




(Apologies if a little bit low-res. Made in Gravit Designer.)

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Looking good. As you've shown, this logo gives a lot of potential - especially with the promo samples you've done.


Liking the font choice as well - its subtle and classic, it'd be easy to go OTT with some other fonts.


Certainly an improvement on their old logo, which had served its purpose and was due for retirement.

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