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The (Fictional) Story of Austus (Regals tweaks; 1954 Expansion coming soon)


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A couple years back when I was researching which sports to combine to make Driveball, I stumbled across Austus, a hybrid of American and Australian rules football which was played briefly during the second world war.


This is the (fictional) story of the game that inspired Driveball.



Above is how an Austus field would look compared an NFL sized field. Note that the 25 yard lines serves as the Austus version of the 50 meter lines on a typical VFL/AFL field.


Basic Rules

- Austus is played with nine players a side on a field divided into three zones (defense, midfield, attack).

- The ball similar in size and shape to a CFL football with pointed ends for easier passing.

- A pass or a kick that travels more than fifteen yards can be marked.

- The goal posts are the same as Aussie rules, with a goal worth six points and a behind worth just one.




One Fullback

Two Halfbacks



One Center

Two Wings



One Full-Forward

Two Half-Forwards

Roster Size

27 players


The first Austus game played by civilians was held at Yankee Stadium in March of 1946 with NFL/AAFC guys on Team USA (Blue and Red) and Australia (Green and Gold) represented by VFL guys.


C&C Welcome.

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2 minutes ago, Bomba Tomba said:

How do we read those scores?

Scoring in Austus is derived from Aussie rules football.


A goal is worth six points and a behind is just one point.


For example, the Hollywood Bulldogs' seven goals multiplied by six equals 42 points, plus the nine behinds gives you their 51 point total.


Likewise, the Los Angeles Lions' five goals times six equals 30 points, plus the eleven behinds makes 41 points.


For more specific info:


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I enjoy a nice imaginary sport, and including Australian rules football is always an even bigger plus for me! I like how you've incorporated the best of Aussie rules and American gridiron design conventions into your uniforms; the early ones in particular are very reminiscent of AFL, but the front numbers obviously read American football, so it's an intriguing combo. (Plus a little bit of hockey thrown in with the shoulder yokes!)


Pittsburgh's V design is the most clearly Australian-inspired one of the "modern clubs," which I like. Detroit is on the plain side compared to the others so far, but there's also not anything wrong with that; every good league needs at least one team with an especially simple, traditional look. Conversely, I'd say that Philadelphia might be a bit too busy and cluttered; I appreciate the desire to include the keystone, but unfortunately I'd say that the keystone, shoulder yoke, and large amount of sleeve striping is just one element too many, and the keystone around the numbers feels to me like the easiest one to eliminate. I like the unique helmet design, though! I agree with Bomba Tomba that Buffalo's away could use a little more of the light blue (whether you keep the base white or switch it to light blue is a 50/50 call, in my opinion), but as nice as the Buffalo is, I miss the American football numbers on the chest that you've established for all the other teams. I think it's a good design convention for your unique sport; maybe the buffalo would have a better home inside the sleeve stripes?

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16 minutes ago, neo_prankster said:

New York will definitely have a team, but first here's two options for the team logo.

As far as a nickname goes, I have Gothams, Marvels, Goliaths and Steeplechasers in mind.


C&C Welcome.


I'd definitely vote for Option B; the closer to a rectangle, the less awkward, in my opinion.

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Let's meet the sixth franchise:

The Chicago Gaels


C&C Welcome.


While I have a moment, let's take a look at the initial alignment for 1948.

Please note, this is subject to change if you have any suggestions.


Eastern Division

Buffalo Lakers

New York Marvels

Philadelphia Spirits

Pittsburgh Blacksmiths


Fifth team:

Either Cleveland, Washington, DC or Boston


Western Division

Chicago Gaels

Detroit Roadsters


Options for the last three teams in the west:

St. Louis

Los Angeles

San Francisco


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  • neo_prankster changed the title to The (Fictional) Story of Austus (Regals tweaks; 1954 Expansion coming soon)

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