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Fictional Sports Universe Project


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Hello everyone!
I don't know if that's the right place to share my concept but it seems like the perfect one after tons of research.
Before I begin, excuse my English. I'm not a native speaker so please try to ignore my mistakes.


What I see a lot in this forum is how people love to create fictional teams/players/leagues and etc. For sport fans this ain't something new as many of us (mostly as kids and not only) made their own sport or created their fictional eg. football/soccer/baseball/basketball league with fictional teams (the more in depth people probably made up even the players, stadiums and other stuff), found a way to simulate their seasons - by wheel spin, results drawing, having complexed simulations, or just by pushing their favorite team to the top without any rules haha :)
I've done this as well. Actually I stopped doing my own sports world back in 2009-2010 due to various reasons but my craving and passion to give life to my world has never faded out. Of course with the development of the internet it has become easier to achieve this goal. I'm not gonna lie, had nights when I wasn't able to sleep just because I was thinking of how can I make this project possible. And I won't lie either if I say that this project is something near to impossible to achieve, let alone by myself. Actually the past days I realized that this project is bigger than me and the people who'll participate in. But I'm a little bit skeptical that anyone would like to join.
I'm 100% sure that many people in the world actually thought about this and I want to apologize if there's actually a topic on this but I didn't find it with my keywords.

So let's get to the concept. I see that many of you, not only on this site, are showing their concept of their teams/kits/logos/leagues/tournaments and everything. I don't know if we're gonna be on the same page by saying this but one of my dreams is to be part of creation of something bigger than me. What I'm talking about is a fictional sports universe. My idea is a child to my sense of justice. What does that mean? I don't like the current state of the real world sports - sometimes I don't know if I'm watching a theatre or a real passion masterpiece. I don't like the corruption. I don't like the fixed matches. I don't like how some club owners do money laundering without giving an f about the club they own. This thing provoked me to seek shelter in one better world where those things wouldn't be possible.


What is the "Fictional/Virtual Sports Universe"?
The FSU/VSU (the name of the project will be voted its not necessary to have "fictional" in its name) is a virtual simulation of real sports where a fictional teams/players/logos/stadiums/indoor faicilities and everything else, related to the particular sport, will be created and simulated automatically (without human intervene). Therefore this will be a simulation of sports where people will have the opportunity to watch the games in their free time. 

Now don't get me wrong. As I said earlier, this mission is near to impossible but as Rome in the past, we should start from somewhere.


Because we're not millionaires and don't have the funds to pay to professionals to participate in the database creation at first, we'll have to do things on our free will. 
And talking about free will - one of the main questions that may pop up in your minds is - "How exactly people will want to watch this instead of real sports?". I have few takes on this question:
1. This is a big NO - people nowadayys bet insane amount of money on Virtual Sports - football, dog racing, formula, basketball. For sure this will be one of the things that will attract the most audience but what I want is this to be a gambling free universe to avoid the evil practices in the real sports. (and gambling ruin lives)
2. The most organic way to attract people is by creating something unique. Besides the database which is supposed to be gigantic, having a 3D simulation like ... I can't mention it due to forum rules. Just the virtual sports.
3. Having shorter seasons - not waiting entire year to finish a season = more opportunities for their favorite team to succeed.
4. Building it on crypto blockchain as people can buy shares in their favorite clubs (but I partly consider this as gambling as well). But this way they will be able to feel part of a team's progress or regress.
The reason I don't want this to be a manager game is because in those type of games people always exploit and abuse the sim engines. Creating manager games based on the FSU/VSU later on - of course. (thinking our of the box)

I'm sure that a nice viewrship can be achieved just by the people who play fantasy sports or who love fictional sports. 


As I said, because we don't have a budget for this and fundrising is going to be hard to achieve (kickstarter and other similar sites) - the seeds of this whole concept should be harvested by us - the founders, for free. I just can't see another way. This thing probably will take years to be done as we all have our responsibility and works to do. Will it be worh it? - You decide for yourself. Will it be successful? - No one knows, but even if it's not - the whole thing to me is a passion and made for fun. Will it be profitable for the team that take part in it - the same answer. All I want to say is that we - united, can create something cool and unique. Even tho we don't reach the simulator phase. Having the database in one place (website preferable) is super awesome.

So what are the first steps in my plan:
1. Recruiting founders 
2. Sharing their ideas and concepts
3. Database creation - first sports on the platform, first leagues, first teams

I want to point out that I'm talking about a fictional universe, not a fantasy one. (I don't know if I get the differences tho) Sticking to the real world countries/cities is more likely to get followership rather than having fictional countries and cities. Let's say you're from Italy and in the real world your town's soccer club is in D league but in this universe your team may be better and be in B and progress to A and etc. But creating a fantasy country or sport is not forbidden ofc. It all depends on us.

I'm really interested what's your thoguhts on this. . Even though this ain't work - it was a pleasure for me to share you one utopian concept that in my opinion is only matter of time to be done :)

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Sorry man, but I don't think this is the right place for this project.


Yes, people here do create teams, players, leagues and sports, but the end goal is then to create artwork. As stated in the Concept Forum Guidelines, this is a graphic design forum above all else. The point is to create logos and jerseys for those fictional teams and leagues. 


We had a section called Sports Fan Fiction a while ago that might be closer to what you're proposing, but it was closed down after we found many people were too focused on the stories of their fictional leagues and either producing no artwork or very low-quality artwork to go along with them.


There are fictional sports and alternative sports history forums out there that would be suitable for this. You may even be better to start a blog or a simple website to get this idea out there. But I'm sorry, this forum is not a good fit for this idea. Good luck.

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