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some field concepts


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I've had a few recent field art ideas, and figured I should let em be seen, so here goes.


Packers 1-essentially their sleeve stripe as Notre Dame-like slashes



Packers 2-gold endzones with slash marks



Saints 1-honestly, the Saints' real field kinda bores me whenever I see it.  I thought diamonds could work here, and also figured it was high time for a NOLA endzone.  The Big Chin Guy appears in the NOLA endzone, with the fleur de lis on his shield replaced by the NFC logo.  The story behind that is I'd initially had the NFC logo in the last diamond there, but it made it look like it read NOLAN.



Saints 2-same idea, but the endzone background is gold.



Saints 3-gold diamonds



Saints 4-gold diamonds on black



Speak on it...I'll probably do some more, or whatever.

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For the Packers, I’m in favor of Option 1. Having the slashes mimic the uniform striping is very clever; allows for a bit of color to be found in the end zone while generally staying traditional. Options 2 just feels like the slashes would get lost in the background of the yellow end zone.


For the Saints, I went Option 2; despite liking all four. Overall, I’d opt for it to be the design full-time, as it would bring more gold on the field than the Saints typically wear in their regular set. Plus, I believe it pairs wonderfully with their current Color Rush look.


Couldn’t hurt to be like the Ravens and just alternate designs throughout the season.

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This is a really cool concept. I've always had a fondness for endzone diamonds. Of the designs you posted, I personally prefer the gold design with the hashmarks for the Packers and the Saints design with the black diamonds in the golden endzones. I suspect a traditional franchise like Green Bay would probably opt for the more minimalist design. But I agree that the Saints have felt a little black-heavy with their uniforms in recent years.  Looking forward to future posts.

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Going to the college ranks, Arizona State...granted, I'm not the biggest fan of the pitchfork, but it's here at the 50 anyway.  Since the Cards haven't been their tenants in years, figured ASU could stand to color the endzones in, in this case maroon with a golden sun on one end.  Naturally, Sparky is placed in his natural element to finish things off.



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Cool stuff!

Loving that last Saints field.


If you need some to-scale field templates, I've got all of them from the Gridiron Fields Database of course.

Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

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Yeah, I figured the scale wasn't exact, given that I'd initially made the base field as a print & play gameboard, and I mainly stripped it of the grid that made it one.  The scale works great for it's original purpose though🙂🎲

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An idea I've been sitting on for a minute...old Jaguars...based on their old jersey's sleeves.



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Followed up by a trio of Panthers fields.  #1 has the panther's eyes in the end zones, as the team name is a grass pattern on the field instead.



#2 is basically their 2019 field but with panther face grass patterns in each half of the field



#3 has a smaller team name with the panther face at the end.



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