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NHL All-Star, Stadium Series, and Winter Classic 2022 Concepts


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With the announcements by the NHL on the All-Star game and both outdoor games from the following season I figured I'd take a stab at designing jerseys for each event. Let's start with the NHL All Star Game jerseys. I decided to get away from the jerseys being monochromatic and focusing on the players teams and instead decided to have the jerseys take cues from the hosting team (Vegas Golden Knights) and put the players team and division on the shoulders. I liked when they did that in Minnesota years back so I wanted to get back to that.

Pacific Division


With Vegas being the hosting team I made the Pacific Division almost identically match VGK's jerseys




The Central Division gets red as it's main color. This way both the Pacific and Central and Atlantic and Metro divisions get a light and a dark jersey as we'll see


Metro Division


The Metro Division gets an inverse of the Golden Knights dark jersey




Finally the Atlantic Division gets the gold treatment. I tried to get the gold flecks in the jersey but it was kinda hard to do

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I second the comment that either the black or the charcoal gray jersey would work better as white (and probably change the black one, since charcoal is a slightly more unique color to keep), but aside from that, good ASG concept! I wish the NHL would do 4 unique, non-clashing jerseys for the four divisions again, but unfortunately I don't expect them to return to that... We can dream, though. Looking at past ASG jerseys (particularly 2017), I think an original (but "Vegas-inspired") design in the four Golden Knights colors would be more realistic than color-swapping Vegas's actual jersey template, so players don't look like they're wearing a rival team's jersey.


Looking forward to the Winter Classic and Stadium Series jersey concepts!

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I appreciate the comments and I took another stab at the all-star jerseys and I think these came out even better. To differentiate from VGK just some I changed the striping a bit and added stars. I used the star burst from the Vegas sign to give it that unique Vegas flair. The other change is that the Metro Division now gets a white jersey. I don't know how I didn't think of that before and it's a great change










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Ok so now for the Stadium Series. So the Stadium Series uniforms always have a them of (mostly) very modern designs and each year they share a design element. So for this year I went with the logo being the design within the uniform. What do I mean by that? Well in stead of the logo just being front and center its become implemented into the striping and the overall design of the uniforms. I'll break both designs below. Let's look at the home team first


Nashville Predators


So as you can see the sabretooth tiger is now front facing and is the design elements on the front of the jersey. The striping that we usually see within the logo is now the striping on the sleeves and socks. the shorts also get striping that replicates the tusks of the sabretooth tiger.


Tampa Bay Lightning


For the Lightning the lightning bolt has broken free from its circle and is now the main design element for the front of the jersey, sleeves, and shorts. Tampa is all on the minimalist train so I would not be surprised to see something like this next season

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Now for the Winter Classic!


Minnesota Wild


For the Wild I based the jersey off of the Minnesota North Stars, but I used the Wild's colors (sans red except for the outline of the logo) and I used the M used in the Wild's alternate logo. 


St Louis Blues


I didn't want to just do a white version of the Blues Winter Classic uniform from 2017 so instead of basing this off of the Blues inaugural uniform I went for their uniform from the mid '80's. I removed red from the palette an swapped the dark blue for the original lighter blue. I almost went with an off white for the Blues, but it didn't look right so I stuck with just white. 




I almost put the Wild in tan pants in a similar move to what Dallas did 2 seasons ago, but I decided green pants went better with what the Wild normally wear and the North Stars uniform I was basing this on. It doesn't look bad at all; I just think the green works better

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