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So, we're really doing this alternate helmet thing?

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Certainly some cool elements here, but for me I'm not sure the whole uniform gels altogether.

I like how the jersey has very simple, no-frills color blocking, which looks really nice and works well with the shields design... But that makes the slightly more interesting pants striping and the modern gradient helmet feel out of place, despite looking good on their own. If it were me, I'd suggest a solid yellow or solid white helmet, and either a single purple stripe or no stripes at all for the pants...


But anyways, I wouldn't mind if either the jersey or the helmet came out of the alternate helmet program; there's enough restraint here to remain pleasant to me!

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The helmet & jersey make me think of the Packers, and for rivalry’s sake, I can’t unsee it.

However, for the Vikings to utilize the rule, I’d just do a fauxback design, centered around that V-shape that went unused, and a grey facemasked helmet. It just makes sense.


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I don’t like the gradient on the helmet for the reason it feels out of place. I also don’t know if it is just the template, but there is little Arrows on the Bottom part of the helmet I do not get. I also feel like the Viking Shields on the front should be shoulder patches. I Can See it as an equivalent to the Nba’s City Edition and MLB’s City Connect though.

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