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Major League Baseball: The APEX Approach


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I love baseball. I've always loved it. But one thing has always frustrated me about it: the look of it.


Baseball uniforms have always been way too conservative for my tastes. We see matchups of grey vs white way, way too often. Who wants to see that?! Sports teams should be colorful! The NBA's new uniform system is an incredible approach to a team's style and has made many teams a fashion statement as well as a powerhouse on the court. Now I want to try and adapt this to baseball. I call it the APEX Approach. Which doesn't really mean anything. That's just my graphic design brand name.


I have one rule: no grey uniforms. NO GREY UNIFORMS! I'm going to ruffle some feathers as I work with classic teams like the Yankees and Red Sox, but that's the fun of this project. Concepts where you barely change anything out of tradition are boring and lame.


Now, we're starting with the Colorado Rockies. I've had a bone to pick with the Rockies for a long, long time regarding their look. The purple they use is somehow drab and gaudy at the same time. It muddles everything it touches and it's basically useless on a sports jersey.


Mountains. Mountains. Mountains. They're on the front, the back, and the arms. The purple is now the main color of the Rockies; it's now brighter and bolder, while black is demoted all the way down to a trim color. A new primary logo, featuring a baseball within the C from Colorado's state flag, is seen on the shoulders and the cap, which now has a mountain on it. Because of course it does. Tacky? Sure, you could say that. Memorable? Absolutely.






Feedback is greatly appreciated. If you guys like this idea, I'm definitely down to do more teams.

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17 minutes ago, coco1997 said:

I like it but I think the idea would work better on a pullover style jersey. The placket cutting through the mountain design would look really sloppy on the field if a player's jersey wasn't buttoned all the way. 


That's fair, I only used a button-up jersey because it was the only one I had on hand. Before I make any new ones I'll create a pullover jersey template.

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I couldn't see the MLB getting rid of current home and away for these jerseys, but I would love to see ALL the MLB teams adopt alternates that are like this. I think that was the problem with the Turn Ahead the Clock uniforms from the '90's was that the entire MLB weren't on board. Can't wait to see what else you come up with. 

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I was able to create a new pullover-style template today, so here's a team to go with it.


The Arizona Diamondbacks have been in a perpetual identity crisis ever since they got rid of the purple, teal, and copper they won the World Series with. The red and sand look they've tried to roll with flopped bad, and the half-baked addition of teal just makes everything look like a mess.


A complete overhaul of their colors has been done here. Black, teal, and purple are now the palette of the D-Backs, with an emphasis on the teal. A kachina-style pattern outlines the sleeves, shoulders, pants, and socks to turn Arizona from looking like middle schoolers that just discovered Under Armour to a clean, vivid look that fits the spirit of the Southwest.






C&C is greatly appreciated as always. I plan on doing the rest of the NL West, then moving on to the AL West after that.

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Off to a good start with these, I think the Rockies would look better if the jerseys were paired with the other pants so the bottom half flows into the pants more. And I wonder how the diamond backs would look with their current red instead of the purple. 

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