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MLB Color Rush Uniforms 30/30 COMPLETE


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5 hours ago, coco1997 said:

Mets update - I don't think it overuses the "NY" logo. Lots of alternates use the cap logo on the front of the jersey. Looks great!


Phillies update - Oof, the white script doesn't look as good as I imagined. Maybe try blue instead? I might just be grasping at straws here.


A's update - Looks fantastic! I think this design would work great in forest green, too. Either way would work.


Padres - I never liked the digital camo look but you achieved what you set out to do. I agree with @WLD42 that the scripts and numbers should be white for legibility purposes. 

As far the Phillies go I think the original will be the best way to go. Blue script looks even worse than the white; trust me you dont want to see it.




I do agree white looks a lot better and the only reason I did it blue in the first place was to keep with the original branding, but I said screw it it's my series and concepts I can take some liberties. One other piece I added was putting the name on a name plate. This replicates name tags on the fronts of the uniforms. I am glad this one got a positive response. 

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San Francisco Giants


I went with a mainly black look for the Giants; partly due to not wanting to overuse orange across the series and partly due to the fact that I love their black jerseys. I did use the throwback font which I think adds a nice touch

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  • johne9109 changed the title to MLB Color Rush Uniforms 24/30 Giants added

Padres update - The white script and numbers are an improvement but you might want to add a navy outline. Basically the reverse of your first version. The nameplate is a great idea!


Giants - Looks great! 

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Seattle Mariners


I almost gave the mariners a white uniform in fear of them being too close to the Marlins, but the Marlins main color is a much lighter shade and is more on the blue side than the green side like the Mariners so I think it works fine. I didn't go with the retro colors because frankly I don't like them as much. I prefer the teal much more.  Everything else is pretty straight forward.

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  • johne9109 changed the title to MLB Color Rush Uniforms 25/30 Mariners added

St. Louis Cardinals


So I made the choice to go white with the Cardinals We've done a handful of red uniforms already and they already have their blue retro uniform. not a whole lot to talk about with this one

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  • johne9109 changed the title to MLB Color Rush Uniforms 26/30 Cardinals added

Tampa Bay Rays


I did another combo uniform for the Rays. I used the old logos, but mixed in the current colors. I also brought in the green from the logos to round it all out and give it a unique distinction from other blue uniforms


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  • johne9109 changed the title to MLB Color Rush Uniforms 27/30 Rays added

Padres: A navy outline would help a ton with the legibility of the numbers and name

Giants: Perfect

Mariners: Perfect

Cardinals: A little disappointed to see white instead of red. Could even go navy and use the navy/red bird on the bat hat to go with it

Rays: Your best one yet

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Cardinals - Doesn't look much different from their regular home uniforms. I'd go with navy or red. 


Rays - Look great! I'd love to see the gradient applied to the numbers, too.


I'd also still like to see a navy outline added to the script and numbers on the Padres update. 

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Texas Rangers


So this and the upcoming nationals are a big reason I went with white for the Cardinals; also the fact that I like the Cardinals in white was an additional factor. Back to the Rangers, I went with their home white uniform, but made it red. I almost included the baby blue from their retro alternate, but that got very muddled so I went with the red with the blue and white


Toronto Blue Jays


The Blue Jays were a real tough one for me. I didn't want to do another blue uniform, but then I had the idea of merging their blue and baby blue alternates. I think this keeps them unique enough. I also made it a pullover to give it a more retro feel

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  • johne9109 changed the title to MLB Color Rush Uniforms 29/30 Rangers and Blue Jays added

Agree the Padres look perfect now.


If there was a way to use the powder blue for the Rangers, you could try just swapping out the royal blue. It would be a unique design for MLB but might look a little too close to something Chicago would do.


You nailed the double blue look on the Blue Jays too.

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We're at the final team the Washington Nationals


So I have to be completely transparent with the Nationals. originally I was going to do a dark uniform for them, but then I saw their cap logo with the flag in it and thought to myself it'd be cool to do the wordmark in the same way. This led me to change them to a white uniform. With the Nationals having a white uniform that leads me back to.....


The Cardinals


With the Nationals now being white I felt comfortable having the Cardinals be in red. 

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  • johne9109 changed the title to MLB Color Rush Uniforms 30/30 COMPLETE

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