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Birmingham Squadron (NBA Pelicans' G-League affiliate)


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The Pelicans' G-League affiliate has been named the Birmingham Squadron.









Alternate logos (courtesy of Christian Clark of nola.com)





Birmingham Squadron selected as team name for New Orleans Pelicans G League affiliate

Season tickets and group tickets are now officially on sale



The New Orleans Pelicans and the NBA G League announced Monday, July 26 “Birmingham Squadron” as the official name of the club’s new G League affiliate. The Squadron is set to begin play of their inaugural 2021-22 season in November and will play home games in the newly renovated Legacy Arena in downtown Birmingham.


“As we deliberated the name for our G League team, it was important to us that its name would be closely tied to the Pelicans brand, while uniting us with the foundation of the Birmingham community,” said Dennis Lauscha, president of the New Orleans Pelicans. “After careful deliberation and input from fans, we knew the name ‘Squadron’ was the perfect fit.”


At its roots, the word “Squadron” – also synonymous with a flock of Pelicans – is defined as a group that works together with a shared mission, representing the franchise’s mission to develop NBA talent and bring championships to Birmingham and New Orleans.


“The ‘Birmingham Squadron’ is more than just a team name; it is a brand and identity rooted in the passionate pursuit of bringing sustained success to the Pelicans,” said David Lane, Squadron general manager of business operations. “The name ‘Squadron’ is just one of the many ways our organization is aligned with the brand and vision in New Orleans, as the team will play such a vital role in training and developing NBA talent for the Pelicans.”


Squadron can also be defined as a military unit – a theme that can be seen throughout the team’s brand.


“From the 99th Pursuit Squadron – the first all-Black flying squadron in the Air Force – to the city of Birmingham’s production of planes during WWII, the state of Alabama has played a significant role in our nation’s military history, and we felt it was important to highlight that in the Birmingham Squadron brand,” Lane said.


The Squadron will bring an NBA team to Birmingham for the first time in the city’s history and professional basketball to the state of Alabama for the first time in over 15 years.


Source: https://www.nba.com/pelicans/news/birmingham-squadron-selected-team-name-new-orleans-pelicans-g-league-affiliate-0


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This is really nice. Maybe it was the font, but for me, the primary was instantly recognizable as having ties to the Pelicans while being its own thing. The "BHAM" logo is a little clunky, especially the "BHAM" lettering, but the planes/fleur-de-lis is pretty clever.

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I like it. 


Well thought-out, well-researched, well-rendered, and the right balance of independence and interrelationship to the parent club.


Only drawback is the "BHAM".  Just looks awkward to me-- I always thought it was commonly done up and used as B'HAM, but a quick internet look-see indicates it's about 50-50 either way. 

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Yeah, the Bham thing is definitely a local thing.


I didn't see the alternate logos in the other post...but yes, I really like the execution. The only real miss for me was trying to connote the top of the star to the Vulcan spear; that could've been left out. All in all, though, very nice.

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