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Official College Football Uniform Announcement


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Before we have a billion new uniform shout outs, just make all in one thread.

Ive noticed this already:

Temple has new helmets. Maroon Shell, White Facemask, and "T" logo

Cal added an extra yellow stripe on thier bronco style "wing"

Bowling Green has new jerseys.

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LSU wearing purple isn't big - they're home, so they should be wearing purple.

Actually, LSU prefers to wear their white jersey tops at home. However, they have to ask permission from each visiting team to wear them, and this time Oregon State said no.

OSU opens with a bang

OSU had the option of wearing their home or road uniforms, and understandably bacause of the heat, chose to break out its new road white threads.
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I thought I once read that LSU typically wears the purple at home for non-conference games and white at home for SEC games - unless the visiting team says no.

You're right. I remember reading something similar, but I know for this game (even though non-conference) they requested to wear the white and were denied by Oregon State.

Also, Mississippi State is wearing their new helmet along with new uniform (removed Miss. State from the front and removed sleeve/collar stripes, added M State logo under collar and maroon stripes to the pants).

Here are some pics regarding the changes:








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