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WNBA Uniform Concepts - Freezin' Finale (with Stinging Updates)


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With the Utah WNBA team concept finally being unveiled, this is it for this forum topic. It's been a tough ride, given how difficult each team should be redesigned or tweaked, and how templated the WNBA uniforms were, until the 2021 season.


I'll be reconsidering some designs that I made and unveil improvements on them soon. But for now, thank you for tuning in. Please look forward to my future concepts. 😉

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On 1/24/2022 at 10:04 AM, vtgco said:

I quite like the two alternates, though I'd ask whether the black on the Queen City jersey and the big gaps between the colors on the CLT jersey are necessary...


I have updated the background pattern on the rebel jersey (more even spacing among the honeycombs), and I removed all the black on the storyteller jersey.







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  • edjb93 changed the title to WNBA Uniform Concepts - Freezin' Finale (with Stinging Updates)

Updates look good; thanks for humoring me!


As for Tulsa, I really like the neon sign aesthetic here! Reminds of me of the Memphis Redbirds in a really good way :D

You chose a good font, and I think the jersey designs are really good! I really like the way the yellow jersey looks, though "Tulsey Town" is kinda weird (at least to an outsider ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) If I had any complaint, it's that the red feels underused on the home and away, but there are a lot of red + black teams, so I don't blame you... Though I wouldn't mind seeing the whole set with the city flag scheme you do on that alternate's update :)


I'm not really a fan of the old Jazz mountain purple+teal+blue+copper color scheme, but with your restraint you pull it off fairly well, even if it's not my favorite. I will say that the copper and purple do kinda bleed, though, so you might brighten that a tad. The font really works here and doesn't feel too crazy with that drop shadow, and the composition of that primary logo is a really classy take on '90s design. I really like your integration of the lily (though you could ditch that little bit of teal for more blue, IMO).

The mountain + number only approach on the alt, and the sky blue base and white-blue gradient work far better than the original Jazz mountain jersey did, IMO :D

The suffrage alternate jersey is a good route, and I think having thick purple/white/yellow stripes like the flag around the stars rather than the sublimation will help it feel not so pure Lakers-y.


Also I know it's been a bit, but your sun ray side panels for the Miami Sol is awesome! Unfortunately, that particular "Sol" wordmark feels too dated for my taste (not your fault), so I would love to see the primary jerseys with that lovely Miami wordmark from the alternate (which is also nice in its own right!)


I will just point out that the Timbers/Thorns Rose City logo you use on the Rose City alt does have a soccer ball in it, but other than that the seamless rose pattern is gorgeous and the whole jersey works really well. Would definitely like to see the Blazers & Thorns embrace some green, at least on an alt.

The other jerseys are solid too; the thorn-like side panels work well and the font definitely gives me fire department vibes. The logo is close but not quite 100% for me, but it's a huge improvement on the old Trailblazers alt logo. I think not having the awkward outline on that smallest point of the flame wings would be nice, but part of it is that the flames don't quite feel fluid enough like the original Fire logo ones did. The Florian cross logo is solid as-is, though it makes me wonder if a Portland flag + Florian cross combo is possible : P


Anyways I know my comments have been a bit sporadic, but this has been a really good series! Congrats on all your good work here!

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