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The Alliance of Pro Football (6/32 Michigan Muscle)


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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...


Welcome to the



This concept series is dedicated to @WideRight, whose current USFL series inspired me to start this thread.


Another user I dedicate this series to is @PERRIN, whose IAFA/NAFA series I really like.


I've tried many times to create a 32 team custom franchise in the PS2 Madden games, only to get bored after making a handful of teams.


As you will see throughout the series, the identities of each team will be repurposed from the following leagues:

WFL (1974-75)

USFL (1983-85)

Arenaball (1987-present)

WLAF/NFLE (1991-2007)

CFL-USA (1993-95)

Original XFL (2001)

UFL (2009-12)

AAF (2019)

XFL 2.0 (2020)

The Spring League (2021-present)


I am open to any suggestions of which identities from the aforementioned leagues can be repurposed, just like WideRight is doing with expansion teams that fit alongside the USFL teams that existed in real life.


Without further ado, here are the Los Angeles Lancers, who are the first of 32 teams in this series. Their logo is repurposed from the Jousters of The Spring League.

Note that on the bottom left are a series of alternate helmet options with the primary helmet shown at the top above the jerseys.


C&C Welcome.

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7 minutes ago, BengalErnst said:

I’m excited for this. Can’t wait to give my input and opinion.. and I’ll start now haha. This league starting in 2005 probably shouldn’t use any logos that were also established prior to 2005 as they wouldn’t have rights to them. 


I think you're right. These would be the updated look for the present day.

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