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CFB150 Redux - Independents


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I don't know if this is just me, but I can imagine it's not, but the 150th College Football season felt like it came and then was gone just as quickly as it had appeared, especially from a uniform standpoint. Under Armour brought out the throwbacks for their schools, and I understand the size of doing a throwback for every team in just one subdivision of college football would be immense. But the best part about a concept series? It's just a concept series. We aren't limited by such things.


So the basis is this: every team gets a throwback. It can be for a successful player in a certain era (Doug Flutie winning the Heisman at BC), a big play in a game (The Pick for Oregon), or a championship or bowl game winning season (pretty self explanatory). Teams will be using their current (2021) uniform suppliers, which off hand doesn't present any major issues I can think of. We'll be going conference by conference, likely split into two halves for each conference. 


Leading off is the ACC, Part 1: 





Boston College - 1984 -  I gave it away for BC, but we went back to the Doug Flutie era uniforms, the cardinal uniforms in this case.


Clemson - 1977 "The Catch" - Could have gone with 1981 for their first championship, but I was drawn to 1977, if for nothing else, for the striped socks. I'm not kidding. 


Duke - 1942 Rose Bowl - The first of just two Rose Bowls to be played outside of Pasadena. Duke brought some pretty interesting uniforms to the game, and I wanted to bring them back to the field. 


Florida State - 1993 National Championship - Pretty easy to go with the uniforms the team wore to win their first National Championship



Georgia Tech - 1990 Co-National Champions - Feels weird to not see the Wramblin' Wreck not in white, but they didn't win a Natty in white.


Louisville - 1991 Fiesta Bowl - Possibly still the biggest win in Louisville program history, these honor the Schnellenberger coached Cardinals


Miami - 1983 National Champions - Before he led Louisville to the Fiesta Bowl, Schnellenberger resurrected the Miami Hurricanes football team that won the 1983 Orange Bowl.


Looking forward to y'alls thoughts!









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Miami's throwback is basically the same as their normal uniforms from last year. A throwback to 2001 would make more sense.


Likewise, Clemson's throwback isn't much of a change either. Maybe you could try throwing back to their 1948 team (the first team in school history to go undefeated with double-digit wins).

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16 hours ago, Lights Out said:

Miami's throwback is basically the same as their normal uniforms from last year. A throwback to 2001 would make more sense.


Likewise, Clemson's throwback isn't much of a change either. Maybe you could try throwing back to their 1948 team (the first team in school history to go undefeated with double-digit wins).

I was going for significance, much like in the way the 1983 championship really launched Miami football's program, but I can revisit it. Same with Clemson 


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I did take a second look at Miami and Clemson and I just didn't like the other options that I found. Some teams are just going to have a resemblance to their current look. 


Second Half of the ACC, starting now: 


t9ifCGQ.png M5dnZjV.png vZk2aC9.png 7nuLDoX.png



NC State - 1973 ACC Champions: It wasn't their first ACC title, but it was their first and to date, only unbeaten ACC season.


North Carolina - 1980 ACC Champions: Like their counterparts in Raleigh, their uniforms honor an ACC championship, also coming off the heels of an unbeaten conference season. 


Pittsburgh - 1976 National Championship: It's easy to see why they went back to this look. Honoring the 1976 team that won a National Championship.


Syracuse - 1959 National Championship: Honoring the only National Championship won by the Orangemen in their history


Virginia - 1990 (0-29 vs Clemson): 1990 saw Virginia rise to No. 1 for the first time, but it also saw Virginia overcome the Tigers for the first time ever.


Virginia Tech - Frank Loria 1965-1967: The late 60's Hokies weren't tremendously successful, but Frank Loria was. And came with some of VT's best uniforms ever.


Wake Forest - 1970 ACC Champions: 6-5 doesn't get you very far in most seasons. 5-1 is good enough to win you a conference title.


AAC up next!






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The first half of the AAC is here (2020 alignments in case anyone was wondering, so UConn is independent) 


JEbEZWh.png l74tsre.png REmIBq2.png

PkUOQZF.png KVJuJZJ.png xEBnF2l.png


Cincinnati - 1964 MVC Champs - Not a tremendous departure from their actual 150 throwback, just a couple years later. These honor the team that won the MVC title in 1964.


East Carolina - 1992 Peach Bowl Champs - Possibly still the biggest win in ECU history, a 37-34 victory over the NC State Wolfpack


Houston - 1979 SWC Champs - The Southwest Conference getting some love again, honoring the 1979 Cougars that went 11-1, with a Cotton Bowl win over Nebraska


Memphis - 1963 Undefeated Team - Not often an unbeaten gets left out of the post season, but such was the luck for Memphis (State) in 1963


Navy - Roger Staubach/1963 Team - A little bit of both Roger Staubach (probably the best known athlete to come out of Navy) and the '63 team that completed the Drive for 5 over Army.


South Florida - 2007 vs WVU - A young team celebrates one of its biggest victories in one of college football's weirdest seasons. 


C&C welcome!

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  • colinturner95 changed the title to CFB150 Redux - AAC: Part 1
4 hours ago, JerseyJimmy said:

god, these are nice. one thing I'm interested in is how you'll do throwbacks for some of the younger FBS teams like Coastal or Georgia Southern; maybe some FCS throwbacks?

Younger teams might go down the fauxback route or we celebrate big games (IE, USF over WVU)


Probably not gonna get to the whole FCS but might tackle a few teams 

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Second half of the AAC, coming up now!


Ep8BlMb.png 7UgMfqD.png B6PVAbJ.png

FypoK3Y.png 3S2OV8w.png


SMU - 1966 SWC Champs - The Southwest Conference rides on again, with SMU throwing back to the '66 SWC Championship Team.


Temple - 1967 Middle Atlantic Champs - Temple celebrates their first conference championship, going back to 1967 to do so.


Tulane - SEC Wave - At first it was just going to be the 1949 team, but the uniforms weren't particularly unique. So our first fauxback design sees elements of the 1949 team's white helmet, with numbers on the side. The jerseys have some stripes on the sleeves, and a T on the upper chest, actually as a callback to the first Tulane football team


Tulsa - 1982 MVC Champs - Information on these uniforms was spotty at best, but these celebrate the 1982 Missouri Valley Champs.


UCF - 2000 vs Alabama - UCF is 1-0 all time vs Alabama. These uniforms celebrate that feat.


C&C welcome!


On 10/28/2021 at 8:01 AM, Lights Out said:


For programs without much history, you could always go with their inaugural uniforms.

That's on the table as well. It'll all just depend on the team.

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  • colinturner95 changed the title to CFB150 Redux - AAC: Part 2

We've arrived at the Big Ten, giving the Pac-12 a run for the title Conference of Champions


Some of you might have noticed, either on the uniforms or the images themselves. The Big Ten is no different, with a throwback logo, inspired by this logo (that I can't embed for some reason). 




The logo on the left would be the conference logo for this season, and the logo on the right would be worn on the jersey, and was inspired by the current conference logo


Q92zp5u.png QszE7lC.png chAId0q.png h9JeEec.png

U1q80Ls.png Bv3GTmH.png eSeXOTJ.png


Also debuting with the Big Ten West, since jersey tags/championship tags are all the rage these days, I thought it would work well for the setting of celebrating past teams/championships and things of that nature, so now every team will have a tag celebrating the jersey they are wearing. 


Illinois - 1951 National Champions - They aren't much to look at, but they celebrate the Illini's last National Championship selection and a Rose Bowl 'chip to go along with it. 


Iowa - 1958 National Champions - Iowa has celebrated 1958 before, but this time we go with the white uniforms from that era.


Minnesota - 1960 National Champions - Wouldn't you believe it that the hockey Gophers weren't the only successful Gophers who celebrated a Natty in 1960


Nebraska - 1971 National Champions - The Mighty Huskers celebrate their 1971 championship by moving their double stripes back to the shoulders.


Northwestern - 1949 Rose Bowl Champs - Their first (and only) Rose Bowl championship is celebrated with their iconic stripe and a faux leather helmet.


Purdue - 1943 Team - The '43 season for Purdue has been viewed as their Forgotten Season, going 9-0 and 6-0, splitting the Big Ten with Michigan, with an argument for being retroactive National Champs. 


Wisconsin - 1962 Big Ten Champs - I struggled with a uniform for Wisconsin, but ended up celebrating the 62 Badgers, Big Ten champs and despite losing the Rose Bowl that year, were a part of the first Bowl Game to match #1 and #2


C&C welcome!






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  • colinturner95 changed the title to CFB150 Redux - Big Ten West

Coming at you with the Big Ten East: 


ICNaDnZ.png fojZ0Fg.png 8yYjQZh.png 5Z1fPU7.png

qhZG7Qz.png BAFxg9D.png wd4sS9h.png


Indiana - 1967 BIG Champs - I chose to celebrate 1967 for Indiana, which was their last conference title, as well as their only run for the roses to date. 


Maryland - 1953 National Champs - this has to be the highest point for the Terrapins, who celebrated a national championship, despite an Orange Bowl loss that season


Michigan - 1948 National Champs - Not much different from their current uniforms, but that speaks to the longevity of the design. I chose 1948 because they steamrolled their way through that season, surrendering just 17 points to 6 ranked teams, allowing just 44 points in 9 games overall. Pretty impressive, no matter the era. 


Michigan State - 1952 National Champs - The better of the two Big Ten Michigans (both my opinion and evidenced for this season) celebrates 1952's National Champions.


Ohio State - 1954 National Champs - I'm not 100% on these completely, but I believe this is an accurate depiction of the 1954 National Championship Buckeye uniforms.


Penn State - Generations of Greatness - Penn State provided an interesting challenge, because they're undoubtedly one of the all-time greatest programs, but their uniforms have been pretty damn similar since the dawn of time, and most of their national success has been achieved as an independent. So I took the Generations of Greatness uniform, flipped it white and added the "NFL" style socks and black cleats. 


Rutgers - The Birthplace - Success and Rutgers Football aren't often found in the same breath, so I took the fauxback route in order to celebrate the "Birthplace of College Football" 

  • Helmet - Scarlet bucket, with a black stripe (from the 1961 team), and the throwback R from the sleeved uniforms
  • Jersey - Scarlet tops, with the throwback R on the chest, giving it the early 1900's sweater feel.  Double stripes on the sleeves, also from 1961 but moved down from the shoulders. 
  • Pants - Cream/Vintage White pants with a solid stripe down the side,  from the 1598 uniforms.
  • Socks/Cleats - all scarlet socks, with cream NW stripe. Black cleats to complete the look. 

C&C Welcome!


1 hour ago, jaytavo305 said:

Love that Big 10 logo with the state map! Looks great so far excited to see more!


Thank you! I found the old logo and knew that it had to be brought in to this some how




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  • colinturner95 changed the title to CFB150 Redux - Big Ten East




CEM38iL.pngFyevvPb.pngEE8sWOk.png KhnnnXk.png

M25Xb7J.png 3422g9q.png


Baylor - 1980 SWC Champs - The undefeated SWC Champs take the field once again, wearing the 1980 uniforms, complete with mismatching golds.


Iowa State - Jack Trice - Jack Trice holds a special place with Iowa State and so I felt it right to give those throwbacks a modern lift, complete with a faux leather helmet. 


Kansas - 1968 Big 8 Champions - Honoring the last conference champions the football Jayhawks won, the 1968 Orange Bowl runner ups.


Kansas State - Breaking the Big 7 Color Barrier - I decided to honor 3 football athletes, Harold Robinson, Hoyt Givens and Veryl Switzer, all 3 playing in the late 40's and early 50's. 


Oklahoma - 1955-1956 Repeat Champions - They weren't their first championships, but it was the first two-pack they'd win in their storied history,


Oklahoma State - 1945 National Champions - The Sooners aren't the only successful team in the state, as the Cowboys take the field in 1945 Championship throwbacks.


Texas - 1963 National Champions - With a similar conundrum as Penn State, I went with the '63 uniforms, mostly because of the numbers above the Longhorn on the helmet.


Texas Christian - 1935 National Champions - Slingin' Sammy Baugh lives on, with the Horned Frogs wearing throwbacks to those days of "fighting till hell freezes"


Texas Tech - 1937 Border Conf Champions - The Matadors fight on, with the Red Raiders celebrating the 1937 undefeated Border Conference season 

West Virginia - 1969 Peach Bowl Champs - Just two seasons into Independence, the Mountaineers go 10-1 with a 14-3 win over South Carolina in the 2nd ever Peach Bowl.

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Another great round of throwbacks! Love the attention to detail with the mismatching gold for Baylor, that's a very interesting tidbit of history, the historical accuracy in this series is very on point. I think my favorite of the bunch here is WVU, something about those colors really just pop with the white helmet and pants. I think Baylor would be my favorite if they settled on one shade of gold, but you gotta keep it accurate, makes the uniform so much cooler haha. 

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  • colinturner95 changed the title to CFB150 Redux - Independents

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