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Color vs color games that people have forgotten

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1976 Rose Bowl UCLA vs Ohio State 2nd half - YouTube

So in trying to track down how many white jerseys Ohio State wore in 1968, I found this picture from the 1975-1976 season. So Ohio State started the season and ended the season at the Rose Bowl, vs UCLA. And in both games they wore red jerseys. Until I saw the video on YouTube I wasn't aware of that. 


1975 Regular Season

1976 Rose Bowl

Ohio State  also seems to just order blank white or red jerseys any time they went to the Rose Bowl. Even in 1969 they wore plain white jerseys with red numbers front and back. 


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7 hours ago, AgentColon2 said:




19 minutes ago, ramsjetsthunder said:



I love this and I don't care what anybody thinks


2 minutes ago, seasaltvanilla said:

I see you Jags-Titans and raise you the Colorblind Bowl:



No one's forgotten any of these, though most of us have tried to. Especially that Jaguars uniform. 

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How about the 1990 Freedom Bowl? Colorado State vs Oregon with the Ducks in their retro kelly green/yellow set, and the Rams in some gaudy yellow jerseys. An old youth football coach of mine actually played in this game. What an eyesore of a matchup though, almost an inter-team scrimmage given the same colors and inverted usage of them.

1990 Freedom Bowl Colorado State (8-4) vs Oregon (8-3) 1st half - YouTube

Colorado State Football on Twitter: "In 1990, the #CSURams faced Oregon in  the Freedom Bowl and came away with their first bowl victory.  https://t.co/lGJukiexJm https://t.co/l2Z2rsLzgy" / Twitter

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2 hours ago, stumpygremlin said:

I may be in the minority, but I love color vs. color. As long as the colors contrast, of course. So that means that that Chargers/Cowboys example would be a no-go, since they're both blue.

Honestly, they contrast enough for me.


Light uniform v dark uniform is the guideline for me. So, the light blue v dark blue works. That said, green, v red is a no go for sure.

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