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Boise State hockey


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I'd made a contemporary uniform set...but I'll have to remake it b/c I forgot to save the png file before I got to work on this fauxback set.  I mainly wanted to use the bronco/Idaho logo on something, tbh, so the Habs tribute/ripoff.


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I didn't know about that cleaned up retro logo for Boise State before, but I'm glad to see it as the primary here and the Habs template works well with it!

Not that it's needed, but I'm wondering if a recolor to have Idaho in blue on the away jersey would work?

Also, a blue jersey (perhaps with just the prancing horse as the logo?) seems in order, if you want to!



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I'd initially had a Rangers-like idea that utilized football's diagonal stripes...but then I figured I'd go in a different direction.  Some of you might remember a Flames concept I did a few years ago, I figured I'd see how the alternate design I'd opted for would fare as a main look.  The updated vintage horse, separated from the Idaho map, appears as the shoulder crest of the blue jersey and the front crest of the white.  Not gonna lie, I briefly considered an oversized logo just because it seems like something Boise State would do.


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