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New Google Chrome icon (tweak)


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9 hours ago, dont care said:

So a bigger circle. I bet who ever “designed” that made WAY more than the effort they put into that logo.

I think the all four colors are also more vivid (or just more saturated) but I'll have to check the RGB values to be sure.  Also, it appears that they removed the shadow from the external colors between red and yellow, yellow and green, and green and red.

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I feel like they've been overdue to join the flat trend.  Chrome's logo has always been underwhelming for me, but this is probably it's most optimal state.

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On 2/15/2022 at 1:33 PM, CreamSoda said:

awww 2008, we were so close to real life 3d models of everything

The web 2.0 aesthetic! I learned a lot about Photoshop blend modes and layers during that era; made a lot of "glass". Haha.

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