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Super Bowl LVII Concept


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I originally pitched the idea of doing a logo for next year's Super Bowl in Glendale under the guise that it would be a well-designed unique logo that the NFL has moved away from. But I am a Super Bowl templated logo apologist and think they aren't as bad as they once were now that theyve added color.


The sun rays are taken from the state flag. Then I initially planned some cacti, but I felt like the palm trees in this year's logo were too similar. I went with a generic mountain ridge.

Anyway, here's a concept for Arizona in the style of the LVI logo



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I am a sucker for Arizona's flag design in sports concepts, and you absolutely nailed it with this logo. You're right, the direction that they are going for the Super Bowl logos will lend itself more creativity and character than before. 

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Bumping this to ask - the super bowls after this are Vegas and New Orleans. I think I may build those out now that the "hard" work of recreating the logo is done and now i can convert it.

What i'm wondering is if anyone has any suggestions for those two cities? I think the color schemes should be gold for vegas and purple for NO, but besides that I don't think the skyline would necessarily work.

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