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Georgia Bulldogs return to block numbers


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It appears the days of Bulldog Bold may be coming to a close. I’ve heard a few Georgia insiders allude to the return of block numbers in 2022. I put together a concept with block numbers and an expanded wardrobe.


I dug deeper into the aesthetics of Georgia football and one thing became clear: things have been a bit messy at times. Georgia has been inconsistent in its uniforms and identity.


The 1980 throwback has three different striping patterns. The red pants have a thick white stripe flanked by thin black. Looks good on its own but distinctly different from the red helmet. You'd think the two would share a similar stripe since they're both against a red background. Looking at the black pants, there are two different styles below. One style uses the same stripe as the silver britches. Notice the "hidden" black stripe? The Hines Ward shot uses a red/white/red stripe, which is kinda similar to the helmet he's wearing. But the red helmet with the single white stripe is the definitive Georgia design. That much is non-negotiable. There must be a way of cleaning things up and having a consistent visual identity.




I decided if the pants were anything other than silver (that stripe ain't going anywhere), then it should be a single stripe. This would match the helmet. In my favorite combo, the interpretation of the 1980 style has a stripe that perfectly matches the helmet and pairs nicely with the red collar and cuffs.




There's a bit of something for everyone while still remaining traditional. I threw in black elements so you can do a total "blackout." In that case, the single red stripe echoes the red collar and cuffs. I included some white elements since Georgia has worn white pants plenty (just not in the last couple decades).


I put together a site that lets you mix and match at your leisure. Take a look here:





There are plenty of combos that wouldn't be a good idea. But this lets you play around and find new styles. If I had my choice, Georgia would still be in the regular red hat and silver britches at least 8-9 games per season. But there are ways to introduce a little color and remain traditional. Florida looks just as classic when they wear their blue pants, as does Clemson in orange. Notre Dame looks great in green. Georgia can mix it up just a bit without becoming Oregon. I'm looking forward to what the Dawgs roll out this upcoming season!

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This project is continuing to evolve. In addition to proposing a streamlined and consistent identity with multiple uniform combinations, I’m also using it as a library dedicating to Georgia’s uniform history. If you scroll down on the page, I have a second slideshow. So far, I have it dating back to 2002. Hoping to go much farther back, but it will take some work as things get murkier with less pictures and video available. I quickly realized how much of a can of worms this would be. I want to catalog even the small details like unique patches worn (such as the 150th college season patch in 2019 and the SEC 75th anniversary patch in 2007). I decided the Vapor Untouchable template is just so clean and versatile that I’m using it across the board. I know that aspect may not be dead on for each season, but everything else as far as fonts, striping, patches, etc should align with what was worn on the field. If I had to custom design the template every year, this project would get complicated ten fold.

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