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Show Off Your Jersey Collection!

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Feel free to delete if there's already a thread for this purpose or if there's a better place to put this topic, but I figured it'd be cool to see everybody's jersey collections. I'll start:



Here's what I've got:

  • Early 2000s Marek Svatos Avalanche jersey
  • Mid 90s CSKA Moscow "Russian Penguins" jersey
  • Blank early 2000s Dallas Stars jersey
  • Blank Burger King jersey
  • Drew Doughty L.A. Kings Heritage alternate
  • Early 2000s Jason Blake "Pumpkin" jersey
  • 2013 Rick DiPietro Islanders jersey
  • Blank mid 90s Flyers jersey
  • Blank Kachina jersey
  • Blank "Peyote" alt
  • Blank mid 90s Caps road jersey


How about you? What jerseys do you have in your closet you wanna show off?

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On 3/5/2022 at 1:27 PM, Brass said:

Both of your jersey collections being photographed in alphabetical order is not lost upon some of us and is most appreciated 👏

Haha that’s how I’ve got them hung up in my closet too

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Well I've already posted my hockey jerseys so here are the rest of them!





- I got the Angels TATC for a ridiculously low price on eBay many years ago... I've never worn it though because the weird partial sleeves stick out very strangely. I was supposed to go to an Angels game right when the pandemic hit and I would have worn it to the game.

- I got married in Niagara Falls in 2019 and a friend of mine got me the blue Toronto jersey with my last name and my wife's last name on the back along with #19. I plan on framing it at some point but haven't gotten around to it.





- I was really into basketball in high school (I bet you can figure out when that would have been based on these jerseys). My interest has tapered off quite a bit since then.

- The first four jerseys I got are the only replica screenprinted ones picture above (Nuggets, Hawks, Suns, Kings). I've been on the hunt to upgrade them to swingmans like the rest of my jerseys for quite some time but it's hard to find them in good condition these days.

- I grew up watching a ton of Fresh Prince and the episode where Will and Carlton are on the basketball team was always one of my favourites. When I saw a Bel-Air Academy jersey on Etsy I couldn't pass it up!

- The Knicks jersey is just a generic team jersey made by Majestic with no name or number. John Cena wore a few teams in this style during his Thuganomics era so naturally I wanted one too.

- Both USA jerseys are Lebron





- I'm not much of a soccer fan at all. These are either thrift store finds or jerseys from a few (but not all) countries I've visited.





- As you can tell, I'm an Eagles fan.  During high school and early university I was buying other teams jerseys (either players I liked or jerseys I thought looked good) but at a certain point that stopped and I exclusively bought Eagles jerseys.

- The #77 Dolphins jersey is a team issued practice jersey. How it ended up at a Value Village in Northern BC is beyond me but I knew I had to buy it as soon as I saw it.

- I bought the Mark Sanchez jersey after he had left the team for $10 to wear to a Jets game in 2015. He was the back-up for the Eagles at the time so that helped me justify it a little. I still got chastised in Penn Station by a random guy on the escalator for it though haha

- Oddly enough, aside from Sanchez a few other players were Eagles after they wore these jerseys (Vick, Brown, Young)

- Not the reason I bought it but since I mentioned Fresh Prince in the basketball jersey section, I might as well mention that Will wore a Randall Cunningham jersey in the episode where he joins the poetry club.

- Malcolm Jenkins jersey has a Super Bowl LII Champions patch on the front.

- I've always loved the Bucs creamsicle unis and for some reason was convinced that Josh Freeman was going to be a star... I should've made a different choice on that one.


Overall Notes:

- Thanks @DTConcepts for starting this thread. It was fun to look through all my jerseys and take a trip down memory lane to think about when/where I bought some of these.

- I knew I had a lot of jerseys but I wouldn't have guessed that the total eclipsed 70! 

- Aside from going to games, I barely wear any of them anymore. That said, I wouldn't want to part with any. 

- I'm happy to say that there are no counterfeits in my collection

- Hopefully some more CCSLC'ers post their collections!

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