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NCAA Division I Football Concepts - Group of Five/Independents


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Took a little bit of a break after finishing off my Power Five Conference concept series, and now I'm ready to get back after it by working through the Group of Five + Independent schools. For this go round, I made some updated Paint templates that are more realistic than my first go-round, which was basically just several different elements thrown together  (You can check them out here if interested). 

Comments/feedback welcome! 



Cincinnati | East Carolina | Houston | Memphis | Navy | SMU | South Florida | Temple | Tulane | Tulsa | UCF


West Division:  Louisiana Tech | North Texas | Rice | Southern Miss | UAB | UTEP | UTSA |

East Division:  Charlotte | Florida Atlantic | FIU | Marshall | Middle Tennessee | Old Dominion | Western Kentucky



West Division: Ball State | Central Michigan | Eastern Michigan | Northern Illinois | Toledo | Western Michigan

East Division: Akron | Bowling Green | Buffalo | Kent State | Miami (Ohio) | Ohio


Mountain West

West Division: Fresno State | Hawaii | Nevada | UNLV | San Diego State | San Jose State

East Division: Air Force | Boise State | Colorado State | New Mexico | Utah State | Wyoming


Sun Belt

West Division: Arkansas State | Louisiana | Louisiana-Monroe | South Alabama | Texas State

East Division: Appalachian State | Coastal Carolina | Georgia Southern | Georgia State | James Madison | Troy



Army | BYU | Liberty | New Mexico State | Notre Dame | UConn | UMass

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Boise State Broncos


First team up in this series is everyone's favorite underdog, the Boise State Broncos (although Cincy is definitely giving them a run for their money lately). Boise State is definitely a trendsetter in a lot of ways, from their asymmetrical helmets with Bronco head on one side and numbers on the other, and use of motifs such as their "Blue Collar" (literally) collars. With that being the case, I didn't make any huge changes to these, as they work really well already.  Main changes I made were as follows: 


  • Added TV number to the shoulders, to fill out that blank space
  • Added the slanted double lines from the sleeves, to the pants
  • Incorporated blue facemasks and helmet bumpers into the look
  • Used their catchphrase "Bleed Blue" on the rear helmet bumpers
  • Used white numbers on the blue and orange jerseys, as I think silver works better as an accent/tertiary color






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Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Classic, iconic look: this isn't a team I intended on messing with too much. Home and Road jerseys stay pretty much as is, with one subtle exception: I substituted the ND shamrock logo in place of the primary ND logo on the pants. For the alternates, I made 2 sets that substitute the shamrock green color in place of navy blue, and also added a cursive "Irish" script to the helmets.






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UFC Knights

Definitely one of my favorite looks in the game. UCF has a great color scheme and a clean, modern design. Main changes I made to these were dropping anthracite from the color scheme, and adding gold jerseys + pants in their place. I also used their updated Knight head logo on the jersey collars and pants, changed the coloring on the gold helmets, and added their Pegasus logo to the pants. Finally, I added some alternate sets featuring different decals on the helmets, as well as gold/black numbering. My second gold alternate also features the sword design from the helmets on the pants.








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Cincinnati Bearcats

Big fan of the threat pattern that they came out with a few years ago, so I used a modified version of that on the sleeves and pants. I also added TV numbers to the shoulders, and used a "Bearcats" wordmark to the front of the pants on all the main looks. Additionally, I created a dark grey 2nd alternate jersey that uses their old claw mark logo and the "Eyes" logo on the front of the helmet. Late 90's throwback completes the set. 







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