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The NHL Refresh Series - EDM, NYI, VGK 4/30


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I like the V for Vegas, but not the addition of white into the striping, feels like there are too many colours on the home. The Wild card and Alternative look great.


Edmonton, I like the slightly bigger middle stripe and the addition of the gear logo to the shoulders. Would be interested to see how the Home and Away look in the 1980s dynasty colours, for me that's the definative Oilers  look.

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On 4/20/2022 at 2:33 PM, DTConcepts said:

It's been a minute. Here are a handful of teams. No crazy writeups like I've been doing, either, just the jerseys.







How do you feel about these sweaters?



That A logo on the alt is so good that it's distracting. It's substantially better than the existing primary logo. Incredibly work. 

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For the Islanders' Alternate I have only one thing to say: "We want fish sticks!" 


No really, I do want "fish sticks".  The orange jersey looks fine, but in my opinion would be better with the "fish sticks" logo on it. 

If you despise the "fish sticks" logo, what about the lighthouse shoulder patch as a main crest?

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