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Weird "alternate" NFL league logos on a line of 1990s coats

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I stumbled across this line of 1990s NFL coats while browsing Ebay, and noticed some rather interesting patches on them that I'd never seen before and thought would be of interest here.




First, the coats are made by a company called "Triple F.A.T. Goose," which I had never heard of. Apparently the "F.A.T." stands for "For Arctic Temperatures" and they're still in business making higher-end winter wear. Judging by the logos featured on the coats (mainly the pre-1996 49ers logo), these were made in the early-mid '90s - I'd guess 1992-1995. A Google search only shows a few teams in this particular style (Packers, 49ers, Cowboys, Browns, Giants). Given that these coats were likely quite expensive, it can't be a coincidence that those were all popular teams in the early '90s and are mostly cold weather cities. I'd imagine there are probably Bills, Vikings, Bears, Jets, and Steelers coats out there in this style - Buccaneers, Chargers, Saints, Cardinals... not so much.


Anyway, the logos in question:




An eagle (duck? goose?) carrying a football while running across the crossbar of the goalposts (???) with some unnecessarily-intricate design flourishes and a banner beneath. My favorite part of this is undoubtedly the 60 yard line!




The "NFL" wordmark superimposed on what looks like a very bloated, pre-forward pass era football with too many panels on it.




An eagle swooping down onto (or is it carrying?) a shield logo with uneven stripes, a smattering of differently-sized stars, and this time, a too-skinny football that still has too many panels on it. I get a 1940s-50s vibe from this one, and with a few tweaks, this could make a somewhat believable "alternate history" NFL league logo from that time - similar to the delightful 1950s CFL logo with the red/yellow/green maple leaf.


Information about this line of coats (when they were made, exactly which teams were made, how/why these pretty goofy fake logos made it into actual production) is probably pretty scarce, but I at least thought these were interesting.

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I don't remember these specific NFL jackets,  but having gone to high school in Buffalo in the early '90s I remember Triple FAT Goose jackets being very popular. 

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I vaguely remember this style of  NFL Triple Fat Goose coats, the more common ones were puffer jacket style that looked super early 90's, you can find tons of examples via a quick google search.

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I don’t remember these particular costs, but I do remember Triple FAT Goose as a brand…because I had one (even though I live in sunny California). I just wanted a nice parka for the winter months and Burlington had them on sale.

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