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24 minutes ago, Wildcomet said:

So I decided to go ahead with a possible rebrand of Duluth to a non-indigenous name, since it's pretty likely if the team made it to this point they would not have kept the name. So I'm going to introduce the Duluth Nevers!


The name honors the team's history, as Hall of Famer Ernie Nevers played for and was an owner of the team for part of their time in the NFL. The logo puts an N front and center, with the ends wrapping around behind the letter to connect in a never-ending loop. I also decided to swap the light purple color out for a silver/gray color. 




In addition, I'm going to share out my concept for the old Detroit Heralds. I kept the DH being the main focus of the logo, but enclosed the H in the D so that it would feel like one graphic instead of two, and I worked a horn with a banner hanging down into the H to give it some character related to the identity. I added a blue to the logo, as that just feels like a good fit for a Detroit franchise to me given other teams using similar colors.





This logo somehow for me makes me think of a Wooly Mammoth.


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On 4/13/2022 at 9:59 PM, tigers said:



This logo somehow for me makes me think of a Wooly Mammoth.


I can kind of see it now that it's said. The way the ends of the N shift from white to darker colors does give a mammoth tusk impression now that I'm thinking of it. Maybe an unofficial mascot similar to the bulldog for the Cleveland Browns? Thanks for checking it out!

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And we're back with the final team, the 1950 era Los Angeles Rams.


I didn't want to just assume it would be modernized in the way it was in real-life, so I approached it as trying to make a modern rendition of the 1950 era logo directly. I decided to try to use the blue to give the design some more depth in areas and try to make the ram horns feel more round, as in the original they come off kind of boxy to me. I also tried to give the Ram face a more pronounced appearance.




To sum the series up, I decided to put together this graphic imagining what the NFL's primetime schedule would look like if all these teams survived to the modern day. It seemed like a fun way to put every logo in one display. This also includes the updated 1961 Packers logo I did in another thread that inspired this series of logos.




I hope everyone has enjoyed this! I may return to this with some helmets, I'm not sure if there's any interest in that but a couple of the teams are calling to me to make a helmet for them so this thread may continue, but I'm not sure yet. C & C is always appreciated, and if people want to see it continue to helmets please let me know. Thanks and enjoy!

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  • Wildcomet changed the title to Updating Pre-Superbowl NFL Team Logos (1950 LA Rams Logo)

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