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College to Pro: We Got You Covered


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It's been a long time...but in the air of the night, it returns...



Since it's been so long since the last edition of C2P, I figure I should explain what's going on for the benefit of our newer members...but linking to the past threads (granted, I often have to use Google instead of the forum search to track down a lot of my older stuff, which may or may not be related to shortening my alias a few years ago, so this isn't the complete list) will do the job just as well :hockeysmiley:

The Original (featuring early installment weirdness)

2011 1st Round

Rose Bowl



Old Faces, New Places

Runnin' Horns

Wack Quarterbacks

2017 1st Round (even though the image links are apparently broken)

Killer D vol. 1

Killer D Legends


So first, I kick things off with Harrison Smith...on the ND side, I figured I'd take a look at ancient Irish warriors, and there were a few depictions featuring horned helmets.  Not that many, mind you, but enough that I went with it.  Admittedly, the pants should be white...but this does have to feel like a Notre Dame uniform, so gold won out.  On the Vikes side, the main liberty I took was the ghosted horns.



NEXT: Marlon Humphrey

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Marlon Humphrey up...Bama in the Ravens' style is pretty interesting to look at, and I'm pretty pleased with how my mock shield turned out.  As far as the Ravens in Bama's style goes, gold pants fit better here than that infamous time they tried them IRL.



The other two will likely require a little more effort, so I can't guarantee anything immediately....I can guarantee something interesting though.  It's got teeth :D

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Incoming Jaire Alexander


Louisville's worn black helmets every now and again, so this isn't too off-brand for them.  The English L would've looked awkward in an oval, so I went with a circle instead...on the Packers side, I did say this was gonna have teeth :D  I could have simply used an all gold G...but I figure now was a good time to try something.  Admittedly, this is probably not be the best depiction of a dairy cow (technically a bull, but you get my point) I could have come up with, but who else would this make sense for?  What a novel concept, teeth on an animal that actually has teeth :D  While I'm on the topic of making sense, the cardinal sleeve wings get flipped around to become bovine hooves.


I haven't started on Derwin James quite yet, but I have a good idea what I want his set to look like.  

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I thought about finding a way to give a curve to the spear, but didn't really hit on anything I liked, so it's basically a white version of their usual helmet, but with numbers behind the blade.  Then there's the spear on the pants and feathers on the shoulders.  The Bolts side wasn't as tricky as you might have thought it'd have been, indeed it was surprisingly straightforward.  The sleeve pattern replaces the spears, men on horseback and fire with lightning, trees and rain, respectively (even though it never rains in southern California....they tell me...edited b/c I'd initially retained the man on horse symbol...but kinda screwed up the execution.  Also switched from the curved bolt to the straight one)


So that's one set done...and I got good news, the wait's not gonna be too long til the next College to Pro!  I even already know the theme I'll be going for...one that might bump my forum rank to a 5-star heart.  Just need a few more leadership reps :hockeysmiley:


If you're orange and cringing at what I just said, you can probably figure out what I'm hinting at.

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I'm too new to have seen your earlier entries in this series, but seeing it now it's a fun series!


I really love the shoulder feathers on the Florida State jersey! Though I think the Chargers-y thing to do would be to use it on the helmet & pants too though? Not that the white helmet + numbers don't look good as-is.

For the Chargers jersey, your uniform stroke weight rendering of the "lightning+rain" pattern looks... very problematic. I'd ditch it in favor of little lightning bolts anyway; maybe have the top and bottom stripes be rain (or waves or palm leaves) alone instead. The helmet is an acceptable solution, though maybe the straight bolt from that logo would be better?


I like the Ravens jersey with the bird head logo, but I wonder if it'd look good with just the primary logo's B on the collar instead. The Alabama flag logo is great :D


Can Louisville adopt those uniforms IRL? Please??? Good look.

As for Green Bay, your cow logo is really funny! If anything, I'd suggest green spots instead of black, and going with a slightly thicker, non-uniform outline. Those uniforms evoke the same unpleasantness as their inspiration, so really good job... I guess! Though I'm not sure I would've guessed those were hooves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm not a college sports guy at all, so IDK, but mothership makes it sound like they released new (Oregon-knockoff) uniforms? So maybe sublimated cow spots on the shoulders?

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20 hours ago, vtgco said:

Those uniforms evoke the same unpleasantness as their inspiration, so really good job... I guess!

I thought the same thing when I did Larry Fitzgerald eons ago....the ugly rock panther Pitt was using at the time dragged down whatever it was placed on, and the Cardinals' template is equally awful.  The nicest thing I can say about the end result is that rock panther finally found something it couldn't drag down.  Granted, only because it was a match made in hell, but positives.


On FSU's jerseys, the pattern is the Seminole depictions of spears, men on horseback, and fire in that order...meaning the problematic part on the Chargers version is the man on horse part, which I'd considered leaving out, and probably will on the redo. (EDIT: went through the mentioned tweaks)

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Before I get started on the next set, Congratulations!  You have unlocked a Legends bonus!




Coming up within the next day or so, a monument to underachievement: the Champions of Life, aka the 2016 Tennessee Vols.  


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