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2023 Winter Classic Concepts


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With the announcement of the 2023 Winter Classic being in Fenway and the opponents being the Penguins I decided to take a stab at uniforms for the game. I'm gonna do two sets of concepts. This first set stems from the speculation that the Montreal Canadiens are going to be doing a Montreal Expos uniform for their next Reverse Retro. With the Bruins and Penguins being in so many Winter Classics already I thought it'd be interesting to see them do uniforms based on the Red Sox and Pirates. The Bruins takes inspiration from the Red Sox uniforms from the early 1900's as well as their own original uniforms. The Penguins uniforms are based on the Pirates uniforms from the 70's. I don't expect these to actually be what the teams wear but I thought it was an interesting idea. I'll do another set of uniforms that's more likely to be seen next January.


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So here's my second and more logical concepts for the Bruins and Penguins. For the Bruins I took inspiration from the often forgot uniforms used in the early 40's as well as taking some inspiration from an old cardigan. The Bruins tend to combine elements from different uniforms for their Winter Classic uniforms so I could see this being a possibility. The Penguins on the other hand tend to do straightforward throwbacks and with the trend of the Penguins using different iterations of their wordmark jerseys so I went with their original uniforms.



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