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NBA 2022 (Suns Added 2/30+)


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When the Cavaliers revealed their new uniforms they should have changed their slogan from For the Land to For the Bland. They have such a deep history to pull from on their uniforms and to come out with the look they did made it seem like they didn't even try.


There were a few things I knew I wanted to do. Eliminate black from their scheme and swap in navy blue. My favorite jerseys the Cavs have ever worn are the navy ones from the LeBron 1.0 era. I know they have other funky ones but those navy blue LeBron ones have always stuck with me, especially when they went to the bland rebrand after he left the first time. Next I wanted to use the armhole stripes that they've used a few different ways to liven it up. I've also always thought they underutilize the sword from their logo. It could have been an underline on a wordmark or even an actual cavalier as their logo (imagine that). In this case, I think it goes perfectly down the side of their jersey.


The Association and Icon (are we used to calling them that yet?) are pretty straightforward. I decided to go with gold on the Statement even though I know it the real world that's easier said than done. As for the City, I've liked the use of the Cleveland statue in recent years and wanted to do a modern mockup of those navy LeBron 1.0s that I mentioned earlier.


Overall, I'm happy with how these came out. Let me know what y'all think. Maybe this could become a series of "fixing" the NBA's uniforms:













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I'll try to be a little more constructive. 😄


Appreciate you taking a stab because a lot of people are not thrilled with the update. I think the front office cares more about going in a new direction as opposed to using our past looks to build a timeless set.



  • I LOVE the candy-cane stripes and feel they should be part of the primary identity like you've used here.
  • The basketball on the CAVS wordmark looks good with the stripes. 
  • The 03 color scheme works well for the Cavs and you balance them well (aside from maybe the white on the gold jersey).
  • I like the return of the waistband and throwing the C on the buckle.


  • The sword on the side feels pretty minor league. Might be better to just incorporate the sword back into the logos and let the stripes do their thing.
  • I don't think a metallic gold jersey would translate well to the court.
  • Don't love using the Cleveland sign/tourism wordmark, but that's not a big deal on it's own. Maybe use a different number font on the city set to avoid the incongruence between the words/numbers.
  • The white outlines used on the wine jersey stick out IMO, could just match the wordmark & numbers like the others.
  • I personally prefer an ABC striping pattern to an ABAC, but it's interesting way to use all the colors.
  • I don't think white works as a shadow on the shield logo.
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Decided to take a stab at the Suns as well. Nothing crazy here but I wanted to create a set based on the Valley jerseys. I always thought they would look good on all the backgrounds and I think they came out well here. C+C always welcome:








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