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LilG's Minor League Challenge II


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Here it is again LILG'S Minor League Challenge 2. I named it Toledo Storms revenge, because Toledo has the UGLIEST logo in all of sports. Your job is to create a whole new identity for the East Coast Hockey League franchise. Here is a picture of the awful logo:



Create a primary logo

Create a secondary logo

Create a home uniform

Create an away uniform


Alternate Uniform

Good luck with your venture. I know you won't need too much to make a new logo, with the 5 year old drawing they already have so have fun

Deadline is October 1, 2004

One rule in this challenge. Anyone posting their concepts outside this thread will automatically be disqualified.

Good Luck

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Here is my entry. Hope everyone likes it.


Toledo Storm Primary Logo


Toledo Storm Secondary Logo


Toledo Storm Home Jersey


Toledo Storm Away Jersey


Toledo Storm Alternate Jersey

C&C Welcome.

thats a GREAT logo mings - awesome

my one problem, is that the third isnt a very good color for a whole jersey, though it works well as an accent in all logos

Overall: A

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OK, without further adue, I present my FIRST EVER concept ... through this link to my GeoCities site. C &C Please (remember I'm a rookie!)

Toledo Hockey

not bad for a 1st concept. but it somehow lacks color. its too monochromatic. the stripping on the jerseys i like very much tho. number font is very plain...

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