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mizzou's new arena....


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kinda weird the court is done before the construction is finished.

I like the classic look, but with a modern logo I'm not a fan. I think the M logo would have been better with the classic court look.

All in all...average. Plus Mizzu sucks! :) Go ILLINI! Can't wait for Braggin' Rights!

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I have coached college basketball for the last 8 years and I like simple and classy when it comes to uniforms, floors, practice gear, etc... I really like Indiana's deal. Their floor, Uniforms, the whole package. That being said, I still think this floor is missing something. Maybe the M would be better. Maybe not a monsterously thick out-of-bounds line but something thicker than what they have. I'm just glad to see they didn't paint the 3-point area and leave the key (I hate that look!).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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