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New and Improved Helmet Template

Nick 1733

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Here's a "rennovated" helmet template for a black helmet or a helmet with a black facemask or a helmet with the same color face mask as the helmet if it's a dark color.

I used the original one from the SLE.

I put a white outline to the facemask, I added the accents that are on the "official" helmets the NFL uses. Believe me, it wasn't easy, it took quite a while.

C & C Always Encouraged

Here's the blank one:


Here are the ones I've done so far (Have all but Atlanta & Jacksonville in full vector format, The Falcons and Jaguars are more accurate dipictions than the official ones based on actual photos of the helmets to see the size of the decals and where they are placed.)




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A W E S O M E ... Works for the most part in paint to...

So do you have one with the Helmet striping.. just asking...

Great Job.

Yea, I have it set up in vector format so I can easily have 3 stripe (Redskins), 2 stripe (Packers), 1 stripe (Colts, and short tapered stripe (Titans)

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