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The Ugliest Jersey Ever


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You amatuers! You don't even know the pains I had to go through for three years watching god awful British Natinal League Hockey. Not only do the jerseys suck, but they can't name their teams worth a damn either.

Check out this one for the Bracknell Bees:


Or another atrocious shirt worn by the Fife Flyers (at least it's a semi-cool name):


At least my hometown team (Edinburgh Capitals) has both a respectable name and passable jersey:


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That bees jersey takes the cake. That is horrific!

The now defunct Knoxville Speed of the UHL had some pretty terrible NASCAR themed jerseys as well. The logo wasn't too bad, it was a racing tire with wings, but the jerseys had a checkerboard theme. (trying to locate a photo, but no luck yet)

Other than the endzones at the University of Tennessee, checkerboard designs are just a bad idea all around.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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