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Long Island Tribe Media Guide


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Howdy, all. This is for my new IHL team, the Long Island Tribe. Please let me know what you think. If you have any comments, criticisms, concerns, questions, queries, quips, or qualms, PLEASE VOICE THEM!

Logo is three layers of the character "q" in the font Triabalz by Marioz.







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If your wondering why your outlines are straight lines (I always did until a professor showed me this) increase your miter limit. Its an option within the stroke window. That should make those outlines become strokes. Sharp points like that are always the roughest to put outlines on, and you might need to go the route of offseting the path and then manually changing those points.

Anyhoo, awesome work! Very unique jerseys and crest, I love it!

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What is it?

Ermmm.... It's.... a tribe. Yeah... a tribe. ^_^

Honestly, it's up to you. When I first saw the character in the font, my immediate thought was a mask of some sort. The rest evolved from there as I tried to continue with a "tribal" theme without directly depicting a Native American or other aboriginal group that might offend someone.

Thanks for the all the kind (and helpful!) words, everyone.

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