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Atlanta Thrashers Concept


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...Which is "Are You True Blue?" I've done this concept before, but this time around I cleaned it up and added an away jersey... The striping stays true to the Thrashers, but the colors and crests set it apart as you'll see... I don't think I've seen a team use this shade of blue on mesh or white uniforms, but if there is then it's new to me... Anyways, let me know what you think


C&C would be appreciated and "lovelified"

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90% of the time, the helmet should match the pants on the dark jerseys... the baby blue helmets just don't work... and on the white jersey, you should always use a white helmet.

other than that, these remind me the university of maine's alternate jersey, only with more taste.

overall, they aren't bad, but you could do better. the sleeve design doesn't have the same effect without the whole sleeve-stripe thing going on... it's supposed to look like wings with feathers, but yours just sorta looks like the player's glove is exploding :)

i also think the T logo should be used full-time on all sweaters... it's 50X better than the other logo.

i actually think this concept would look better on the ice than it does on paper.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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