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The TSN Solution


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I was surprised to see that it seems pretty reasonable to me. I'd adjust some of the numbers (FA at 29, individual player cap up to $7 million, luxury tax kicks in at $45 million and is only 75 cents on the dollar) but the idea sounds good.

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This would be an excellent way to work it out.

Sure teams like Toronto could pay half their roster the max... but then they'd be forced to pay little teams like Winnipeg ( ;) ) a hefty chunk of change (hopefully 100 US cents on the US dollar), which could help Winnipeg be competitive by offsetting some of their player costs.

Baseball's luxury tax doesn't work because it's set too high, and nobody has to pay. This in small part cost them the Expos. The NHL should take heed.

TSN should trap Goodenow and Bettman in a room, and force feed them this solution. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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