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For someone who loves traditional, classic, timeless logos that are never changed... i sure do change mine alot...

However, i think i might stick with this one for a while... i like it.

Here's another useless piece of artwork i shall heap upon you!!!!


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Not bad...good legible use of gradients. It seems a little busy with the many outlines and shapes going across the middle, especially with a typeface that has little "thorns" (did you draw the letters? It looks like the Angels font).

As a logo/header, it's great. But if this is going to be part of a copyright line/watermark, it's going to be too busy, especially if you have to reduce it. Do you have a version of the star & shield with just your initials? Something like that would hold up much better when reduced.

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I like the concept, but try it with fewer, or no gradients. Like on your main logo, a gradient on the back shield, with solid fill letters. I'm not sure if there's too many outlines used because i think it's just the gradient that's creating a busy feel.

Other than that, pretty decent job.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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