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All I've got to say is don't underestimate the Astros. What this team has done over the last 6 weeks is simply remarkable. I think the last few years' history has shown that the hot team takes home the hardware.

Do not underestimate the Astros.

That being said . . . . .


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You can't actually believe that A. There are ghosts in Yankee Stadium or B. Pedro actually believes what he said and thinks he can't beat the Yankees. He says a lot of things, how stupid are Yankees fans for believing what he says in jest after a loss? I don't actually believe any of you Yankees fans actually believe that he doesn't have confidence when he goes out to the mound, even against you.

But to use a ghost, and a comment as the two reasons one team is going to beat another is ridiculous.

That said -- Red Sox in 7, because Pedro won't be on the mound in game 7 and Schilling can always give you 7 or so innings.

Astros in 7. Astros had a winning record against the Cards this season and if not for some shady managing, would've swept the Braves.

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Sox in 6, this is the year their pitching is better than the yanks, and their bats can keep pace.

Cards in 7, because their pitching is more rested, though suspect. Clements and Oswalt BOTH on 3 days rest after pitching on 3 days rest is no good. It will fail them. The Astros were good enough to sqeek past a Braves team with heart for a change, so they will give the birds a tougher series than most expect, but cards move on to lose to the sox in 6

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Yankees barely (Yes two extra-inning wins=barely) beat the TWINS..how can they beat the Bosox?

Also: The Cards, as much as I hate to say it, will sweep the Astros.

They have one..what..one playoff series ALL time versus the so-called "best team in baseball"..hmm..

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Let's break this one down...

Yankees get beat by Santana, and squeak by the rest of the way.

Red Sox sweep my Angels :cry:, with only one game being close, and that was because of Vlad coming through at the 11th hour.

Cardinals dominate Dodgers, except for that 1 game against Lima.

Astros go to game 5 against the fluke Braves.

So, I predict an all-red fall classic: Red Sox vs Red Birds.

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