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Aussie concept


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i likey, but ithought when it said 'NO Aussie Rules Fantasy Team' you meant that its not an Aussie Rules Fantasy Team... anyhow, i like it... i know i tried to make mine a bit untraditional and i like how you've used the WAFA logo on the shorts and as a tag

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Thanks for the feedback so far.

In regards to the amount of white used, I was going for a somewhat traditional look with a modern feel. The majority of the gunsereys used use solid colors. so I was going for something different. I'm going to work on a home and alternate version during the rest of the week.

In regards to the Borwns feel, it does give you that sense with the striping. When designing this set, I tried many different versions of striping, and like this one the best. In my use of color, I again wanted to stray from tradition. A majority of the sides use either black, blue, red, or gold in their logos. So I wanted to go with something different.

Again, thanks for the C&C and please keep it coming. Not a bad job for MS paint eh?


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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