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Montreal Concordes


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Here's a custom project I've recently done, the Montreal Concordes.

When the CFL's US experiment ended after the 95 season the Baltimore Stallions were the only US team left standing--and since the Ravens were coming they vamoosed to Montreal, resurrecting the Alouettes, who died before the US experiment--in the league's eyes this as the same franchise as the previous Alouette team--as part of that history for 4 years right before the club died (with a brief Alouette name return) the team was called the Concordes--

Here then is a presentation of my Montreal Concordes Madden design. The primaries are based on the scant pictorial evidence I could locate, and the alts are just fooling around with the colours...

Comments welcome--


Left to right-Home, road, home alt, road alt


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Well they're alternates--so I usually use a different number font for variety--and sometimes the primary font doesn't look right on the alt jersey...

Thanks for the comments...

(I could play an Alouettes vs Concordes game...)

I'll be the Als, naturally. (Nothing against the Concordes. :D )

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