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Omaha Royals are changing colors...

Brian in Boston

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The Omaha Royals are dumping their traditional Blue and Yellow team colors in time for next season. The club's logos and unis will now feature a Blue and Red color scheme.

Additionally, the team is soliciting help in selecting a new marketing theme. The slogans being considered are...

Your Heartland Team!

Get to the Show!

Best Catch in Town!

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My two cents:

Being from Omaha, have seen the various colors/logos of the Omaha Royals and the two years we were the Golden Spikes (YIKES). The probably changed to red, so they can sell more red clothing. (RED sells in Nebraska) I wish they'd bring back the logo they had before they were the Spikes, a cursive O with a crown around it, way better than the very plain O.

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I was at the Oklahoma RedHawks home opener last season and they played Omaha. Omahas BP jersey was blue with the red royals font. i have a pic somewhere, Ill see if I cant find it

Bricktown Ballpark is a niiiiice park eh?

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