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Players in Rare jerseys


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sir sidney ponson with the giants lookin very happy:  <_<


That had to be the worst trade ever :mad: He was one of the worst pitchers ive ever seen. Its like the coast change turned him from Ok to just terrible. The giants basically traded Russ ortiz to the Braves and (some pitcher, cant remember his name) to the Orioles for nothing

Even worse than the Antoine Walker for nothing trade?

Or the guy that got traded for himself?

But yeah, that deal was horrible.

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Lucious Harris: Mavericks

(who we remember him with: Nets

who he's with now: Cavaliers)

sorry for all the posts I'm getting into this

sorry about all the posts last time too, I didn't know what I was doing but now I do, I'm pretty sure

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Starbury with the Nets


(I don't recall him even playing with the nets)

Sry for the triple post but, Yeah. Remember the Jason Kidd deal? He wasa the other half

ohhhh. Duh.

yeah cause he was traded to pheonix for J-Kidd, OK

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Peter Forsberg never did play for the Flyers, but here's his draft card

Another retarded trade by a team i like. <_<

EDIT: OH MY GOD illinirox1!!!!! Please remove the horrible, horrible TATC pic from your sig. Im gonna Pass out and die of Radiation poisioning if that thing isnt removed!!!! :puke:

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