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Charlotte Checkers "honor" the Bobcats


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Are the Bobcats playing in the same arena as the Checkers?


and not yet for the Checkers to play where the Bobcats will eventually play...

the Checkers are in our original Charlotte Coliseum built in 1954, which after the Hornets were awarded to Charlotte (1988) became our "old coliseum". then it was renamed Independence Arena or "the Big I" (since it's on Independence Blvd), and now has sold the naming rights to Cricket Wireless Phone Service (hence Cricket Arena).

there are plans in the works to eventually move the Checkers into the new Charlotte Arena downtown where the Bobcats will play next year, but nothing official has yet been worked out. currently the Bobcats do play in our now "new-old colesium" which after this season will be sold off to other interests and will not compete with the new arena and the old arena for events like concerts, the circus, et cetera.

as for the Knights, they're still currently in Ft. Mill, SC (just across the NC/SC line on I-77). there's also talk of building them a new ballpark downtown as part of a revitialization block (a la Indianapolis), but so far our taxpayers have balked at each mention.

for us natives, the Big I is the best fit for the Checkers since it has the home-y feel of local farm club hockey. cheap seats, easy in/out access, a good fanbase of hardcore fans, and good ownership make it a easy team to follow. however i do see the benefit for the team to move into a state of the art building (like the Greenville SC's Growwl's BI-LO Center) and attract more casual walk-up ticket buyers (from the downtown crowd).

as for the sweaters... the Checkers did like the Knights in wearing Bobcats crossovers to help raise money for charity afterward with a silent auction of the game worn jerseys, as well as provide a little friendly cross-promotion for the new game back in town (NBA).

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...At least it looks better than what the Checkers actually wear....

the Checkers changed logos for last year to the newer more "retro" look logo. they also switched colors from bright blue and orange to a softer (carolina) blue and bright red. this year they again have tweaked the colors to closer match Hartford and the NY Rangers, with dark blue and red. this year's new unis are shown here: http://checkersfan.com/multimedia/photos/n...0604/index.html

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I'm sorry, but it seems like Charlotte must be desperate if they've already had 2 unrelated minor league teams honor the return of basketball after such a short period of time.

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