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FedEx logo


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Fedex is way better in my opinion. In Canada, if I want to ship outside Canada, UPS won't insure it. Thats it. There isnt an option to insure it. I had to ship something to the Netherlands that was worth a thousand dollars and UPS said if it gets lost they are not responsible. Customer service also blew. So I went to Fedex and I had no problems.

Ooops, how is this about logos?

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We were talking about this at work the other day as the FedEx man arrived. I feel really dumb for never noticing it. I'm also the guy that has trouble seeing both the face and the candlesticks...

And I call myself a graphic designer... :rolleyes:

The face and the candlesticks? What logos are you talking about there?


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Good read. I wasn't sure if the arrow was intentional or not. But it still doesn't explain the spoon. :D

Car logos can be tricky. I got the Saturn one right away. Earthlink has a similar look. Mercury is the stylized wings of Mercury, I think.logo.gif

Mazda is a hidden M.topnav_glo_img_04.gif

I think Mazda's old logo was a hidden M as well. The logo that had was a oval and at the bottom the oval came up and made a circle at the center of the oval. Anybody have any idea what I'm talking about?

oh those tricky mazda's. the RX-7's and RX-8's are pretty decent but the Demio is an absolute piece of garbage.

speaking of which, what about the Chevy logo. im trying to figure out that one.

i know its a bowtie, but whats the connection to driving a corvette coupe? bowtie.gif

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FedEx is awesome.........the logo at least.

Also, and this is not from my knowledge base but 'Finding Forrester', I like that BMWs logo is the spinning prop of a airplane........cause thats how they started.

spinning prop? i guess you could see it but from what i can see,


actually looks a bit more like it was taken from the Bavarian Flag


since the name of the company is Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works)

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I always thought it was cool that the arrow points northwest, while completing the N into a W in a much more subtle (and effective) way than Washington designer ever could.

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The old Northwest Airlines logo is a good one. It's an N and a W. I say old, but it is still used a bit. They changed to just the triangle in the circle now for whatever reason.

Web page with logo

holy crap. i never noticed the W till now. i had thought it was a cool logo despite because it used the compass point towards the NW...but wow, hidden W

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I felt like an idiot when I found out that the Minnesota Wild logo has a bear head in it. I mean it only took me 5 years. My freind didnt know what team it was and asked me whats with the bear head logo and I had no clue what he was talking about. He pointed to it and then I realized the river was also the mouth.


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