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MLB Re-Colorization Project


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I am doing a Re-Colorization Project of all Major League Baseball teams in the colors of the teams in other leagues. So lets get it started first off there is the Anaheim Angels.

Mighty Ducks(NHL)




up next Arizona Diamondbacks

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Dimondbacks don't look half bad in the Coyotes colors, and the Braves don't look too bad in the Thrashers colors. Maybe because they are so similar? I wouldn't mind some silver in the Red Sox logo, maybe as like a one time thing...if it wasn't just so...traditional?

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You know, that Indians logo is pretty darn versatile. So is the Cubs C-Cub logo... And now time to vent on the Colorado Rockies logo (Not necessarily on Lilg's work)... IT SUCKS. They have no logo, all they have is the script and a ball going out of some zig zags they call mountains. That team needs an overhaul, then maybe they'll stop losing

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